I Want to Try Yoga

I Want to Try Yoga - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’m not the best at getting my exercise in. I think my average step count is about 4,000 a day, which is considerably lower than the 10,000 you’re meant to get. My job makes it hard. I’m either sat in the office all day, or I’m out and about walking around. There is no in between. Some days, I’m lucky to reach 3,000!

Although I could go for walks after work to increase my steps, I want to try something a little different. Something that will actually make me feel like I’ve done a workout. I can happily go for a 3 mile walk and not feel any strain. If I increase that, I’ll be taking up a lot of spare time that I don’t seem to have at the moment. Continue reading “I Want to Try Yoga”


Book Trailers – Are They Worth It?

Lauren Mayhew Author - Liliana TrilogySo, now that the Liliana Trilogy is complete and out there for all to read, I often wonder if I should be doing more in the way of marketing.  (Links to buy them here.) I don’t have a lot of money to spend – correction – I have no money to spend on marketing. I need to save all the money I can on buying a house one day, so my books often take a back seat. I live in the UK, and buying a house right now is damn near impossible.

Something that a lot of authors seem to do is create a book trailer. It’s a great idea if you think about it. You can embed a video on any website, put it on YouTube and all other social media platforms, and anyone can view it. It’s the perfect way to get people interested in your books. Continue reading “Book Trailers – Are They Worth It?”

April the Giraffe

Happy Easter - April the Giraffe - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHappy Easter! However you spend Easter, I hope you have a fantastic day. The Easter bunny visited me last night, and I have enough chocolate to last me at least a week, though it’ll be gone in a few days I’m sure!

As I’m sure most of you know already, April the Giraffe finally gave birth yesterday. I have been watching Animal Adventure Park’s Live Feed since mid February, so I was pretty dedicated.

I have a ritual every morning when I wake up that involves checking emails and social media, and April was added onto that list. It’s going to be strange when the Live Feed is no longer streaming, I’ll have to find something else to watch instead. Continue reading “April the Giraffe”