Shuffle Play Questions

Shuffle Play Questions - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve done one of these before, but I’m almost certain I cheated a little. There were either answers that made no sense at all, or I was embarrassed to admit to some of the music on my iPod. This time, I’m gonna do it properly!

Here are 20 questions that I’m answering with Shuffle Play on my iPod. Hopefully some of them work well enough to be amusing. I’m going to put the title of the song first, then the artist, then the album/ single that it’s from. Continue reading “Shuffle Play Questions”


Songs to Write to

Lauren Mayhew Author MusicI know everyone is different when they write and some people like to work in complete silence, whilst others have to have music playing. I personally, cannot write in silence, but if I play familiar songs, I find myself singing along to them and not doing any writing.

I do find a lot of inspiration in music though – I don’t steal people’s lyrics, if that’s what you’re thinking. I simply mean that certain songs evoke emotions that make me want to write certain things. Continue reading “Songs to Write to”

What can you tell about me from my music?

iTunes - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI think you can tell a lot about a person by the music that they listen to. I put my iTunes on shuffle and skipped through the first 10 songs.

I then looked at my most played songs and I’ve listed the top 5. This is what came up.

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My Year in Films – 2014

Here’s a list of all the films and concerts that I have been to see this year. It’s more of a list for me than for anyone else, but I’m sure someone out there will find it interesting.


To start the beginning of the best year I’ve had in a long time, I went to see The Wanted on their Word of Mouth Tour. My cousin and I booked our tickets only 2 weeks before the concert. We both figured that this might be our last chance to see The Wanted considering that they were ‘going on a break’ after the tour was over. I won’t lie… I shed a few tears at the end of that concert.

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