Good News: Lost Dog Found

Author Note: Have you ever noticed how 90% of news headlines are negative? It puts me off reading newspapers, and every time the news comes on the TV, I just want to turn it over.

Even if a news channel is reporting on something positive, there’s usually a negative spin on it somewhere, as well as bias towards someone in particular. But, every now and then, a positive story pops up, and I’d like to share those stories here on my blog. Let’s start reporting the things that really matter, rather than focusing on what one ‘celebrity’ has said about another. Positive vibes and happy stories only. 

I’ll link to the source of the article at the bottom of the blog, so you can read the original text.   Continue reading “Good News: Lost Dog Found”


Character Inspiration: People Watching

Character Inspiration People Watching - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI love to people watch. I could literally watch people all day. Some of them are just so fascinating.

Have you ever been sat somewhere, and watched a person run through a town centre? Did a part of you ever wonder what they were up to? Did you then find yourself creating a scenario in your head about what it is they’re doing? If you did, then you’ve essentially created a character. If you’ve never done this, you’re seriously missing out! Continue reading “Character Inspiration: People Watching”

My NaNoWriMo Experience

NaNoWriMo Day 29 - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve been MIA on this blog for quite a while. Life kind of took over, and even though I no longer work full time, I seem to have less spare time than I did before. I hope to be able to write more posts here in the future, but I can’t guarantee any regular postings. It literally depends on how interesting my life gets over the next few months. Continue reading “My NaNoWriMo Experience”

When the Sun Goes Down

The number 1 song this time 10 years ago was When the Sun Goes Down by the Arctic Monkeys.

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard this song before. I’m not a fan of the Arctic Monkeys, but I may give this song a listen one day… Continue reading “When the Sun Goes Down”

Push the Button

I’ve decided to do this new thing where I will tell you more about me. I’m rubbish at telling people about myself, so I’m going to use prompts to try and tell you quirky facts about me.

To do this I am going to use song titles, but not just any old song title – the Number 1 single from 10 years ago. Technically, I’d love to do this from 25 years ago, but I don’t know as many of those songs.

Obviously, if a song is at Number 1 for more than one week, I may not write something about myself every week. Unless it’s an amazing title! Some of these stories about me may be very short and others relatively long. It depends what I have to tell you all.

The song that was Number 1 this time 10 years ago was Push the Button by the Sugababes. I cannot believe this is 10 years old!

Push the Button: I have a thing about buttons (not clothing buttons). You know in films when people say, “Whatever you do don’t press that button,” I’d press it. Without a doubt, I’d press it.

If I’m in a shop and we stumble upon kids toys, I will forever be standing there pressing all the buttons. At Christmas, when all of the musical toys are out. I will press them all just to see them dancing and singing.

I just can’t not press buttons. What a weirdo…