Proofreading Services for Indie Authors

Proofreading Services - Lauren Mayhew AuthorAs a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to proofread your own work. You’ll never find all of the typos, as you know exactly what the sentence is supposed to say, and your brain skips past the errors automatically. I think a certain degree of errors are expected in self-published works, because not all of us can afford to pay a high-end proofreader, or two, to look over our books. But, you should never hit the publish button without having at least one person read through it.  Continue reading “Proofreading Services for Indie Authors”


How Do You Advertise?

I’ve really been struggling to make sales for my book. I know it’s my first book and no-one knows who the hell I am, but I still would have expected a few more than… well… zero!

Here’s the link to my book: Amazon UKAmazon US Have I done something wrong with the listing?

The price of my book was relatively high, so I have changed that to the lowest that Amazon will allow an eBook to go and yet, even with Twitter and Facebook, I still can’t get people to click the link to my book.

I’ve tried Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads paid advertising and yet nothing seems to work.

I decided to opt in for Kindle Select which means that I can put my book up for free for 5 days in a 90 day period. This worked in the sense that I ‘sold’ 30+ copies of my book (which is a tiny amount when you think about it!) but I think most of those people were from a Facebook that I joined recently for YA authors. I’m not complaining, I’m flattered that they wanted to purchase my book, I just would have liked to see my efforts on Twitter make a difference.

I don’t have many followers on Twitter and even less on my Facebook page (click the links if you want to have a look). Most of my twitter followers are fellow authors who all seem to have had ‘Amazon Bestselling Books’.

On a different subject, is it only me that gets annoyed with automatic direct messages from people trying to sell their book/music to you. I’ll look for myself thanks… Forcing links on me is going to make me click them even less!

Back on subject… I’ve looked up websites that will list your book if it has a special promotion. The only problem with them is that your book needs a minimum of 5 reviews, which I don’t have. How can I get reviews if they won’t let me advertise with them? Catch 22 once again…

Do any of you have any tips on how to advertise my book? I’d love to know!

Follow Your Self-Publishing Dreams

All my life I have wanted to have a book published but it’s not as easy as people seem to think! Not only do you have to find yourself an agent who is willing to back your book, they then have to find a publisher who wants to sell it!

All of this can take years and I didn’t (still don’t) have the time to do the research and find someone to help me out. I didn’t want my book to just be saved in the computer collecting dust, so to speak, so I decided to self-publish.

This way, I have accomplished my dream of being a published author without having to go through all the stress and rejection that I’m not capable of dealing with at the moment. I did this with Feed A Read.

Not many people have heard of them, but they really are worth looking at. The royalties that you get from each book far exceeds anything that CreateSpace can offer you! Here’s the link to find out more about them:

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Don’t be so hard on us!

I’ve seen a fair few people talking about mistakes in Indie books and how it has a negative impact on readers and the Indie author name. This really annoys me, especially when it comes from Indie authors themselves.

Not long after I published my first book, I realised that there were a few mistakes in it. Some were missing words, words spelled wrong and the occasional comma missing. To correct the mistakes I would have to pay £29 to revise my book and at the time, I didn’t really have the money to spare, so I left it as it was. Continue reading “Don’t be so hard on us!”

Reality is in a Dream – All in one Place

You may have noticed with my last posts that I have gradually put my book, ‘Reality is in a Dream’, on more selling platforms. All of the links can be found on my website here, but not many people would know to look there, so I am going to put the links in this post too!

All you have to do is click the purple, italic writing and you will be taken to each website. If you don’t know what my book is about, you can read Chapter 1 here. Also, I’m a Goodreads author, so if you want to add me as a friend on there I’m more than happy to accept all requests!

OK, here we go: Paperback UK  –  UK Kindle  –  Paperback US  –  US Kindle

Reality is in a Dream by Lauren Mayhew


Writer’s Block No More (hopefully!)

Book one – Reality is in a Dream – was published in November and since then I have been focusing on writing Book 2 in the trilogy. It hasn’t been going well. Not well at all…

You can get Book One here: Paperback OR Kindle OR read the First Chapter

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Is it just me?

So this morning I was thinking about all the reasons why I haven’t sent my book to any publishing houses. The main one – because I know that they won’t ever read what I’ve written. This may seem very pessimistic, but in my eyes it’s the truth.

I have seen so many people with publishing deals who’s books have made it big, but in my opinion they had it all set up for them. Some of them are married/ in relationships with celebrities, others are celebrities. I won’t name names, because some of the people that fall into this category actually have worked hard to achieve their success and I wish them all the luck for the future.

However, why should these people get it so easy?

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Chapter 1 of ‘Reality is in a Dream’

I’ve tried my best to advertise my book. I’ve used adverts on Facebook, which believe me was a complete waste of money, and I’ve posted on Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads, (Click the links to be taken to my pages) but I’m not sure how successful it has all been.

So today I am going to give you all a snippet of my debut novel. This snippet is also available on Feed a Read where you can buy the paperback version of my book, but it’s not very easy to read on a phone. On here I hope it will be easier!

Now for the serious bit… I own all copyright to my book and would appreciate it if you asked me before taking any of my words! You can contact me anywhere by following the links above. Just click read more to read Chapter 1! Links to buy my book are at the bottom of the post.

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My Year So Far

So… I’ve never really understood blogs and yet here I am writing my first ever blog post! Well, that’s not strictly true. I write the blog for work twice a week, so it’s my first ever blog post all about me! I want to give you some background detail about my life in the past few years and then tell you how this year has been the best year of my life!

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