A-Z Blog Challenge 2018 – Reflection

A-Z Blog Challenge - Reflection Post - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThe Most Played Songs on my iPod A-Z

The A-Z Challenge has reached its end for 2018 and I’m glad to say it was a success for me! I’ve gained a few followers and I’ve spoken to many more people this time round compared to the last time I participated in 2016, so thank you to all of you that came along and commented or liked my posts!

2016 was my first year of doing any kind of challenge on my blog, so I was a little unsure about what I was doing. Although I did explore a few blogs through the month, I didn’t really take part in the way that I should have done, only really commenting on one blog throughout the whole thing. This time I made sure it was different. During the theme reveal, I made a spreadsheet (always a spreadsheet) and noted down the URL’s of the blogs that I thought would interest me the most. These are the ones that I’ve visited since day one. A few others I’ve picked up along the way, either because you visited me, or I looked at the daily letter list. Continue reading


X – 3am by Busted

A-Z Blog Challenge - 3am by Busted - Lauren Mayhew Author3am by Busted  31 Plays – 0 X Songs in Total

3am by Busted was released way back in 2003. I would have been 11 years old. That was back in the days that I absolutely loved Busted but refused to listen to McFly. I thought McFly were copy cats, never having realised that Tom from McFly worked closely with James from Busted to create albums for both bands. I was young. I didn’t realise that I could love both bands at the same time. I’m so glad I changed my mind though. This challenge would have looked a lot different without McFly to fill in a few of the gaps.

There’s something quite simple about 3am that I absolutely love. It’s a very repetitive song with regards to lyrics and melody, but it doesn’t make it boring like with some other songs. It’s another breakup song, like the majority of songs I’ve written about in this challenge. However, it’s a song with some hope in it too. I like to think that the couple got back together again. That’s if the girl’s car didn’t break down before she got to speak to her boyfriend. I think I also love the power in Matt’s voice here. There’s so much passion, it’s hard not to like the song. You can see the video for 3am at the bottom of the post.   Continue reading

T – Too Close For Comfort by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - Too Close For Comfort by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

Too Close For Comfort by McFly- 38 Plays – 88 ‘T’ Songs in Total

Too Close For Comfort is from McFly’s second album, Wonderland. I didn’t really get into McFly until just before their fourth album was released, so I would have listened to Too Close For Comfort around 2008. It was a long time ago, so I can’t be too sure how I first felt about the song, but I’m sure I loved it from the first time. You can see a fan video at the bottom of the post.

Now, to be completely truthful, Too Close For Comfort was the second most played song in the ‘T’ category. I just couldn’t write about the most played song, as I honestly don’t like it anymore. I also don’t know how it got so high on the list either. It was Torn by One Direction. The version they sang live on the X-Factor. The terribly out of tune version they sang on the X-Factor. I’m almost certain the majority of the plays for Torn were within the first year of it being sung live. After that, I never really got into One Direction until their album Made In The A.M.. You can listen to it here, if you dare. Don’t judge me… Continue reading

P – POV by Mcfly and Personal Soldier by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Personal Soldier by The Wanted and POV by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

POV by McFly & Personal Soldier by The Wanted – 54 Plays – 42 ‘P’ Songs in Total

So, this is one of two letters that feature two songs with the same amount of plays. Instead of writing about both of them in detail, I’ll write about my favourite of the two and add a little paragraph at the end for the other one. The lucky winner for the letter ‘P’ is… POV by McFly. It’s from the Radio:Active album again and is probably one of the more ‘rocky’ songs on there. If you’ve followed my previous posts, you’ll know when I first heard this song, back in 2008. I’m pretty sure it was love at first listen. POV stands for Point of View if you didn’t know. There’s a fan video at the bottom of the post for you to have a listen yourself.

I think I love POV so much because of the contrast between the heavy guitar track and then the gentle piano solos. The lyrics and vocals help too. In itself, this song is a masterpiece. It’s funny how I seem to like the album tracks more than the majority of singles that are released from them. But maybe POV was just too ‘rocky’ at the time of its release. The charts were full of pop singles and the occasional Kings of Leon song. I think this is the point when McFly started to lose their chart dominance. Bloody pop music. Continue reading

O – Only The Strong Survive by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - Only the Strong Survive by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

Only The Strong Survive by McFly – 26 Plays – 53 ‘O’ Songs in Total

I first would have heard Only The Strong Survive when the Radio:Active album was released in 2008, as usual for all McFly songs in this challenge after album 3. This was back during the times that I used to keep my music preferences to myself, as my friends always picked on me for my taste in music. It didn’t really matter who I liked, they would make a point to laugh at me for it. In the end, I stopped talking about music, books and TV. With everyone, not just my friends. It took a good few years to get my head in a good enough place to not give a crap what anyone thought of me. I can happily say I’m in that place now.

This song definitely grew on me. Compared with the other songs on the Radio:Active album, Only The Strong Survive has never really been at the top of the list for me. It did shock me slightly that it hit the top spot for the letter ‘O’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic song, there are just better songs on the album. It’s one of those songs that are easy to listen to, dance to, drive to. It’s got a lot going for it. A fan video can be watched at the bottom of this blog. Continue reading

N – Nowhere Left To Run by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - Nowhere Left to Run by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

Nowhere Left To Run by McFly – 45 Plays – 43 ‘N’ Songs in Total

I first heard Nowhere Left To Run by McFly not long after the album Above the Noise was posted through my letterbox in 2010. There’s only two or three songs from Above the Noise that I willingly listen to today, Nowhere Left To Run being one of them. When I say willingly, I mean that I’d select it out of the thousand or so songs to listen to, rather than it coming onto shuffle play and I listen to it that way. You can see a fan video for the song at the bottom of the post.

Nowhere Left To Run was released around the time that McFly tried to create an interactive webste for their fans called the Super City. It was a fantastic concept, but it didn’t work out. It caused so much rivalry between the fans because you had to pay to be a member, and not all fans could afford it. I only just managed to pay for the cheapest monthly subscription but, looking back, I realise it was a waste of money, as I never actually won anything. Still, I got some good merch from it and a certificate personally signed by each of the band members. That’s probably one of my most prized possessions. Continue reading

L – Lose My Mind by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Lose My Mind by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew Author

Lose My Mind by The Wanted – 78 Plays – 84 ‘L’ Songs in Total

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! By the end of this challenge, you’re either going to love The Wanted as much as I do, or absolutely hate them. At least Lose My Mind is one of their originals. It’s the third single from their self-titled debut album and one of my favourite songs by them. As usual, I heard this song pretty much on the day that it was released in 2010. I can’t remember if it was an instant like or if the song grew on me, but I did know that I liked it a lot more than their second single Heart Vacancy. That song has never grown on me. Even after 7 years or so.

Lose My Mind is one of those songs that’s just really easy to listen to. I hadn’t realised how many times I’d listened to it, though it’s the song I’d always default to if I was stressed. I know the lyrics to Lose My Mind off by heart, so if I was having a bad night, the demons in my head had come out to play, I’d sing this song to myself to distract my brain. It’s quite fitting really, as sometimes I did feel like I was losing my mind. This song was my own little form of therapy. Continue reading

H – The Heart Never Lies by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - The Heart Never Lies by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

The Heart Never Lies by McFly – 45 Plays – 78 ‘H’ Songs in Total

I know this song begins with ‘The’, but it’s not really a word, is it? I also really didn’t want my ‘T’ post to begin with ‘The’. The Heart Never Lies was released as an EP in 2008 rather than a single or an album track. I think this was around the time that I rediscovered McFly, and although I’d heard The Heart Never Lies previously, it wasn’t until a few years after its release that I listened to it properly. This was around the time that I downloaded every single song by McFly in the iTunes store. These included a version of Lola, with Busted, and their cover of Pinball Wizard by The Who. Both are very good, you should check them out.

I would consider The Heart Never Lies to be a power ballad. Feel free to disagree. It is a love song, but not the typical boyband kind of love song. The way that I interpret it is that it’s written about the friendships within the band, but they’ve made it look like they’re singing about a lover. Although it may not look like it at the moment, McFly are great friends, almost like brothers, I’d say. This song epitomises that friendship. The video can be found at the bottom of the blog. Continue reading

F – Fight for This Love by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Fight For This Love by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew Author

Fight for This Love by The Wanted – 65 Plays – 47 ‘F’ Songs in Total

I probably first heard The Wanted’s cover of Fight for This Love in late 2010, early 2011. I forget when it was exactly, as they covered it so many times for different radio stations, or for their own YouTube Channel. There’s a chance I even listened to them sing this live on the radio. As far as I’m aware, this version of Fight for This Love was never released as a single, so yes, I did take the audio from YouTube. Sorry! I just want to point out that I’d never take a song from YouTube if it was actually possible for me to purchase it. Hence why I have millions of versions of certain songs on my iPod.

I’m not particularly a massive fan of Cheryl Cole’s original of Fight for This Love, but when I heard The Wanted sing it, I loved it. They made it sound so different and soulful. You almost believe the words that they’re singing. Again, I am probably completely biased and blinded by my love of this band. I would love to know what you think of The Wanted’s version, compared with Cheryl’s. You can find the video at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

E – End of the World by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - End of the World by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

End of the World by McFly – 75 Plays – 36 ‘E’ Songs in Total

End of the World is from McFly’s fifth album, Above the Noise. This was the point in which my obsession with McFly was at its peak, so I would have bought this album as soon as it was released in November 2010, just in time for my 18th birthday. When I first heard the song, I loved it. There was just something about it that made me want to listen to it over and over again. And that’s exactly what I did. My sister isn’t a massive fan of McFly, but even she liked End of the World.

I guess this song is just a little bit silly, that’s why I like it so much. The whole album was completely different to anything that McFly had done before and although there are some gems on the album, I wasn’t that keen on the album as a whole. From what I’ve heard, McFly aren’t that keen either. Above the Noise really couldn’t compete with their third or fourth albums. Continue reading