My Year in Films – 2017

My Year in Films 2017 -Beauty and the Beast - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThis is one of the posts that I enjoy writing most every year. I love to look back at what I’ve done, as the memories of going to see these films and concerts comes flooding back. As I said last year, I got the Cineworld Unlimited card, so this one is going to be quite a long list. There have been some incredible films released this year, and some not so incredible. I wonder if our opinions differ on which were our favourites. Don’t forget to read to the bottom to see which goals I’ve achieved for 2017, and my new goals for the year ahead. Continue reading “My Year in Films – 2017”


Good News: Lost Dog Found

Author Note: Have you ever noticed how 90% of news headlines are negative? It puts me off reading newspapers, and every time the news comes on the TV, I just want to turn it over.

Even if a news channel is reporting on something positive, there’s usually a negative spin on it somewhere, as well as bias towards someone in particular. But, every now and then, a positive story pops up, and I’d like to share those stories here on my blog. Let’s start reporting the things that really matter, rather than focusing on what one ‘celebrity’ has said about another. Positive vibes and happy stories only. 

I’ll link to the source of the article at the bottom of the blog, so you can read the original text.   Continue reading “Good News: Lost Dog Found”


Maneater by Nelly Furtado - Lauren MayhewThe Number 1 song this time 10 years ago was Maneater by Nelly Furtado.

I remember when this song came out and I disliked it from the moment I heard it. I have no idea why though. Listening to it now, it’s really not that bad!

Maneater: Well, if you look at one of my most recent posts, you’ll realise that this ‘title’ does not apply to me. I am in no way a ‘maneater’. In all honesty, I’m pretty much invisible to the opposite sex.

It’s not Nelly Furtado that I have a problem with, I don’t actually know that much about her, I think it’s the lyrics that wind me up. Continue reading “Maneater”

W – Will Herondale

Will Herondale - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Will Herondale

I absolutely know that I have written about Will Herondale somewhere else, I just can’t figure out where! I’m pretty sure it turned into a bit of an essay about why I love him so much… I wish I could find it. I’ve got a strange feeling it was on Tumblr, but there’s no chance I will ever find that again.

William Herondale is a Shadowhunter and one of the main characters in Cassandra Clare’s book series ‘The Infernal Devices’. Clare has written a lot of books about the Shadowhunters and I can honestly say this trilogy is the only one worth reading – please don’t shoot me! ‘The Mortal Instruments’ were good, but could have been chopped down into 3 or four books in my opinion. Continue reading “W – Will Herondale”

V – Voldemort

Lord Voldemort - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Voldemort

Lord Voldemort may seem like a strange character to have as one of your favourites, but if Voldemort didn’t exist, then the story of Harry Potter would never have existed either. I’m not sure that’s the sort of world I’d want to live in.

Even though Voldemort is pure evil, he’s the sort of character that I’m sure every actor would love to play. He’s so twisted and inhuman, it’s the sort of character I would love to play. There really would be no boundaries, and Ralph Fiennes certainly pushed the character of Voldemort to the extreme. Continue reading “V – Voldemort”

Nathan Sykes UK Tour

You know when I said that Friday the 13th was my lucky day because I managed to get tickets to Nathan Sykes’ UK tour? The gig was amazing and I got to meet Nathan!!

He wasn’t allowed to talk because he was on voice rest but I still got to have my picture taken with him, which was a dream come true.

Here’s a photo from one of the best days of my life!

Nathan UK Tour

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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Dating Update

No-Life-Without-Love - Lauren Mayhew AuthirI decided to stop being a wimp about online dating and have joined I’m only going to be on there for 3 months because I can’t afford to be on there for years on end. If nothing interesting happens within 3 months, I’ll just have to think of another way to meet new people. I haven’t got high hopes though!

I’ll keep you all updated 😉 Also, here’s my very honest first blog about my disastrous love life >> HERE

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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Pen Pal

Proofreading Services - Lauren Mayhew AuthorDo people still have pen pals? I used to send letters to people when I was younger and nothing excited me more than receiving one back!

I think the person I started sending letters to was my cousin Melissa. I’ve only met her a few times because we don’t live close to each other, but when we were younger we used to send letters. I don’t think I threw them away, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you where they are now!

Next, I met a family when on holiday in Cornwall. We sent letters and birthday cards to each other for years until we lost contact. I’m not sure why we stopped writing to each other or who forgot to write back first. Perhaps the price of stamps got too much…

Continue reading “Pen Pal”

Where can I find a Love Life?

I’m 22 years old, 23 at the end of this year, and I’ve never been in a relationship. No dates. No hand holding. No kisses. No … I think you get the picture.

So, does anyone know where to find a love life?

To put things into perspective.. I don’t even have any male friends. I can count my total amount of friends on one hand, so the chances of me meeting someone through a friend is not going to happen.No-Life-Without-Love - Lauren Mayhew Authir

Anyway, the guys that I do know through family are not the sort of people I would even want to be seen with anyway. One word: drugs. I think that says it all.

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