Mid-year Update – 2018

Brightlight Theatre Company - 5-Year Charity Spectacular - Lauren Mayhew Author

The main reason I’ve been too busy to blog!

Ever since the A-Z Blog Challenge finished, I’ve been a bit slow with the regular blog posts. It’s not because I’ve lost the taste for blogging, I just couldn’t find anything to blog about that you already didn’t know.

The blogging challenge is always so exhausting too, and it’s been nice to take a back seat and not have to worry about how many posts I have scheduled and how many blogs I need to comment on and read. I’m pretty sure this is what happened the last time I participated too. I got into a bit of a slump.

Anyway, there are other things that have been getting in my way. My theatre group would be the main one. Not only am I currently rehearsing for three different shows at once – yes, I did say three – I’m also the Promotions and Publicity Officer for the group, which basically means that I control the social media accounts. Continue reading


S – Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

A-Z Blog Challenge - Set Fire to the Rain by Adele - Lauren Mayhew Author

Set Fire to the Rain by Adele – 56 Plays – 118 ‘S’ Songs in Total

I didn’t really know who Adele was until after she released her second album, 21. I wouldn’t say that I’m a hardcore Adele fan and by that I mean there were a few songs on her album that I didn’t love. However, the songs that I do love, very quickly became my all-time favourite songs ever, Set Fire to the Rain being one of them, Hello being the other. My sister had Adele’s albums, so I first would have heard Set Fire to the Rain when I borrowed it from her. I’m sure it was the soundtrack to my walk to work many times in 2015 and 2016.

Adele has such a powerful voice and I love that in a singer, male or female. It also seems so effortless when she sings which makes me extremely jealous. She’s got such a fantastic personality as well. She gives the impression that she doesn’t care what you think about her. An absolutely care-free spirit. I basically want to be Adele. A live performance of Set Fire to the Rain can be watched at the bottom of the post. Continue reading

G – Gold Forever by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Gold Forever by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew Author

Gold Forever by The Wanted – 73 Plays – 56 ‘G’ Songs in Total

So, just to clarify, this isn’t the original version of Gold Forever by The Wanted, it’s the Gold Forever (Steve Smart & Westfunk Club Edit) version by The Wanted. There’s a big difference. Same song, different edit. I love the Comic Relief version of this song so much. So, so much. But when I heard the Steve Smart edit, I put it on repeat. There are four different versions of Gold Forever in the top ten ‘G’ songs, two edits and two original versions from the single and album, Battleground. The original video can be found here.

In general, I dislike any club edits of any song. The majority of the time they just speed a song up and add unnecessary noise, but not this one. This one is different. They haven’t really changed the song in the sense that they’ve cut and pasted lyrics all over the place. They’ve just added a little extra jazziness to the backing track. This is going to sound so strange, but I think my favourite part about this edit is the ‘claps’ that run throughout. I think they’re claps, I don’t really know what else to describe them as. I don’t know what it is about that sound in particular, but it’s turned this song into one of my absolute favourites. Fan video below. Continue reading

Shuffle Play Questions

Shuffle Play Questions - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve done one of these before, but I’m almost certain I cheated a little. There were either answers that made no sense at all, or I was embarrassed to admit to some of the music on my iPod. This time, I’m gonna do it properly!

Here are 20 questions that I’m answering with Shuffle Play on my iPod. Hopefully some of them work well enough to be amusing. I’m going to put the title of the song first, then the artist, then the album/ single that it’s from. Continue reading

Songs to Write to

Lauren Mayhew Author MusicI know everyone is different when they write and some people like to work in complete silence, whilst others have to have music playing. I personally, cannot write in silence, but if I play familiar songs, I find myself singing along to them and not doing any writing.

I do find a lot of inspiration in music though – I don’t steal people’s lyrics, if that’s what you’re thinking. I simply mean that certain songs evoke emotions that make me want to write certain things. Continue reading