E – End of the World by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - End of the World by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

End of the World by McFly – 75 Plays – 36 ‘E’ Songs in Total

End of the World is from McFly’s fifth album, Above the Noise. This was the point in which my obsession with McFly was at its peak, so I would have bought this album as soon as it was released in November 2010, just in time for my 18th birthday. When I first heard the song, I loved it. There was just something about it that made me want to listen to it over and over again. And that’s exactly what I did. My sister isn’t a massive fan of McFly, but even she liked End of the World.

I guess this song is just a little bit silly, that’s why I like it so much. The whole album was completely different to anything that McFly had done before and although there are some gems on the album, I wasn’t that keen on the album as a whole. From what I’ve heard, McFly aren’t that keen either. Above the Noise really couldn’t compete with their third or fourth albums. Continue reading


C – Circle the Drain by Katy Perry

A-Z Blog Challenge - Circle the Drain by Katy Perry - Lauren Mayhew Author

Circle the Drain by Katy Perry – 57 Plays – 60 ‘C’ Songs in Total

First of all, I’ll start by saying that this song contains a lot of explicit language, so if you’re offended by bad language, please don’t listen to this song, or read the lyrics halfway through this blog!

I bet a few of you saw ‘Circle‘ and were expecting Circle of Life from the Lion King, weren’t you? It’s on my iPod, but not that high up the list unfortunately. I don’t exactly remember when I first listened to Circle the Drain, it must have been a year or so after the album came out. I’m not a massive fan of Katy Perry. It’s nothing against her, just that I never quite gelled with some of her music. Except for Circle the Drain, of course. There isn’t an official music video for Circle the Drain, so a lyric video is at the bottom of the post. Continue reading

Shuffle Play Questions

Shuffle Play Questions - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve done one of these before, but I’m almost certain I cheated a little. There were either answers that made no sense at all, or I was embarrassed to admit to some of the music on my iPod. This time, I’m gonna do it properly!

Here are 20 questions that I’m answering with Shuffle Play on my iPod. Hopefully some of them work well enough to be amusing. I’m going to put the title of the song first, then the artist, then the album/ single that it’s from. Continue reading