How Do I Get a Mortgage?

How Do I Get A Mortgage - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI turned 25 a few weeks ago, and I’m still living at home with my parents. It really got me thinking about how much I want to move out and live independently. I think it’s a dream for a lot of young people to move out and have their own place, but it’s never as easy as you think.

Here in the UK, house prices are sky-rocketing. Getting a mortgage is almost impossible, especially for me – a single woman earning an apprentice’s wage. The government keep saying that they’re doing everything they can for first-time buyers like myself, but it still doesn’t help me.

I just happen to live in an area where properties are ridiculously expensive, it’s nothing like London, but it’s still pretty expensive. A two bedroom flat in a good area can be £200,000, and there’s no point in me even looking at houses! I’m from a family that never has had much money. My parents certainly can’t help me with a deposit for a house, and I’ve got no grandparents, so no inheritance to hope for. (That sounds morbid, but you know what I mean!)

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Eternity Begins Release Day!

Eternity Begins Cover - Lauren Mayhew AuthorIt’s finally here, the day that the Liliana Trilogy comes to an end. Book 3 in the trilogy is out today, and it’s only 0.99! (Find it here.)

The first book in the series, Reality is in a Dream can be found here for 0.99 too! AND, Mourning Memories, Book 2, can be found here for FREE! So, if you fancy getting all three at once, it will cost you 1.98. Not bad, eh?

Eternity Begins is probably one of the best things I have ever written, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

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Liliana Trilogy Cover Reveal

The third and final instalment in the Liliana Trilogy is finally on its way. With the help of the fabulous designer, Rachel Bostwick, I’m so excited to reveal the title and cover of the third book in the trilogy, Eternity Begins.

I had an idea in mind for Eternity Begins, and so I sent the below sketch to Rachel. It’s fair to say, she transformed it into something beautiful!

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