V – I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison

A-Z Blog Challenge - I Won't Let You Go by James Morrison - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison – 60 Plays – 0 ‘V’ Songs in Total

So… As you’ve probably already noticed, I Won’t Let You Go doesn’t begin with a ‘V’. I have zero ‘V’ songs on my iPod. Of all the letters I thought I’d struggle with, ‘V’ wasn’t one of them. Instead, I’ve decided to talk about a song that I absolutely love, and I’m sure a few of you will be pleased to know – it’s not by The Wanted. James Morrison has always been one of my favourite artists, see yesterday’s post for more information about him! When I first heard I Won’t Let You Go I knew that it would be one of my all-time favourite songs ever. I stumbled upon it on YouTube I think. Although I still listened to James Morrison on my iPod, I hadn’t been following him closely enough to realise that he’d released his third album. As soon as I found out, I think it might be the quickest I’ve ever purchased anything in my life, except for the Harry Potter books of course!

It’s not just James Morrison’s voice that I love, it’s the whole song. The music, the lyrics, the meaning behind it. Everything. The song is from Morrison’s third album, The Awakening. It has some good songs on it, one of which I would use as the soundtrack to my first book if I had the rights to use it! The song that I’m talking about is actually called, The Awakening too. Listen to it here. You can also find out about my books here! You can watch the video for I Won’t Let You Go at the bottom of the post. Continue reading