A Doll’s House – Opening Night

A Doll's House Poster - Brightlight Theatre Company - Lauren Mayhew AuthorFor those of you that may be new to my blog, welcome! For those of you who’ve been here for a while, here’s a quick update all about my experience directing a play. I’ve been with my theatre group for two years now, and they have been the best two years ever! At the very end of last year, I was tasked with directing a play, but not just any play, Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’.

Brightlight Theatre Company usually work with comedies or murder mysteries, so ‘A Doll’s House’ was the first classic drama that we’ve done. It made us all a little nervous, as our audience usually expect to come along and have a laugh, not to watch a drama about a family set in the 1800’s. Regardless of this fact, the audience absolutely loved our opening show on Saturday! Continue reading


A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen – My Directorial Debut

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHere comes another post about my theatre group. It really has taken over my life… in a good way of course! We performed ‘A Murder is Announced’ last Saturday 9th, and it went well. It was the first time we’d performed in front of an audience, and the first time we’d done it on the stage with all of our props, so the fact that it went relatively smoothly was a miracle. There were a few hiccups, but I think that was mainly nerves, and people being a bit too hard on themselves.

We have another two performances this Saturday 16th December which I’m hoping will go just as well. You can find all information about the play here. It really is worth a watch if you’re in the local area – it’s in Frimley, by the way. Continue reading

A Murder is Announced

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI could so easily write a review about the play ‘A Murder is Announced’ by Agatha Christie, as I’ve read it at least 10 times since September. It’s the play we’re doing in my theatre group for our next Christmas production, and I’m in it from page 1 to the last page. It’s one of those plays, like most murder mysteries, where I’m on stage a lot, but don’t have much to say. There are a few main characters that speak the majority of the time, and everyone else sits around and listens. It’s the generic setup for a murder mystery though. It can’t really be avoided.

I won’t write a review though, I feel like I’ve read it too many times now to know what my initial thoughts were. It’s definitely not a comedy, though there are some funny moments. There are quite a few references and comments that I don’t understand, though luckily I don’t have to react to them. Continue reading