F – Fight for This Love by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Fight For This Love by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew Author

Fight for This Love by The Wanted – 65 Plays – 47 ‘F’ Songs in Total

I probably first heard The Wanted’s cover of Fight for This Love in late 2010, early 2011. I forget when it was exactly, as they covered it so many times for different radio stations, or for their own YouTube Channel. There’s a chance I even listened to them sing this live on the radio. As far as I’m aware, this version of Fight for This Love was never released as a single, so yes, I did take the audio from YouTube. Sorry! I just want to point out that I’d never take a song from YouTube if it was actually possible for me to purchase it. Hence why I have millions of versions of certain songs on my iPod.

I’m not particularly a massive fan of Cheryl Cole’s original of Fight for This Love, but when I heard The Wanted sing it, I loved it. They made it sound so different and soulful. You almost believe the words that they’re singing. Again, I am probably completely biased and blinded by my love of this band. I would love to know what you think of The Wanted’s version, compared with Cheryl’s. You can find the video at the bottom of this post. Continue reading


Shuffle Play Questions

Shuffle Play Questions - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve done one of these before, but I’m almost certain I cheated a little. There were either answers that made no sense at all, or I was embarrassed to admit to some of the music on my iPod. This time, I’m gonna do it properly!

Here are 20 questions that I’m answering with Shuffle Play on my iPod. Hopefully some of them work well enough to be amusing. I’m going to put the title of the song first, then the artist, then the album/ single that it’s from. Continue reading