An Update From a Terrible Blogger

An Update From a Terrible Blogger - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI think the first thing I should say is that I’m sorry for abandoning my blog, yet again. I’m honestly going to try and keep this up to date. I thought that when I quit my full time job, to go part time as a photographer within the same company, that I would have more free time to post on here, but it didn’t quite work out like that. I seemed to have less spare time than I ever did before.

I used to write a lot of blogs in my lunch breaks at work, but didn’t have that same structure when I was on the zero hour contract. Now that I’m back in full time work, I think I should be able to post more often, as I have some time in my lunch break, and spare time during the day.

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Proofreading Services for Indie Authors

Proofreading Services - Lauren Mayhew Author

EDIT: My services on Fiverr are no longer available, but I am still offering proofreading services here.

As a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to proofread your own work. You’ll never find all of the typos, as you know exactly what the sentence is supposed to say, and your brain skips past the errors automatically. I think a certain degree of errors are expected in self-published works, because not all of us can afford to pay a high-end proofreader, or two, to look over our books. But, you should never hit the publish button without having at least one person read through it.  Continue reading

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare - Lauren Mayhew AuthorClockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare – 5 Stars

The Clockwork Angel is the first in the trilogy of ‘The Infernal Devices’. The first time I read this book must have been in 2010 after finding it in my local library, and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s now one of my favourite books ever. I’ve read it quite a few times, and it never lets me down. I only wish that I’d written this review after the first time of reading the book. It would be great to see what I thought of it back then!

Blurb: Magic is dangerous – but love is more dangerous still… When sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray arrives in England during the reign of Queen Victoria, something terrifying is waiting for her in London’s Downworld, where vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets.

Friendless and hunted, Tessa seeks refuge with the Shadowhunters, a band of warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons. Drawn ever deeper into their world, she finds herself fascinated by – and torn between – two best friends and quickly realizes that love may be the most dangerous magic of all. Continue reading

Character Inspiration: People You Know

Character Inspiration People You Know - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThis one may seem obvious, but I think it’s worth writing about. You don’t have to copy someone that you know completely, as that may be a bit too obvious if they ever pick your book up, but you can take certain traits from them.

For example, my first book ‘Reality is in a Dream’ has two characters that are exaggerated forms of two of my old school friends. Certain events that take place in the book involving the main character, Liliana, actually took place during my time at school. It’s quite funny, because I once had a reviewer tell me that she thought these character’s actions were not believable, and yet it actually happened to me. Continue reading

W – Will Herondale

Will Herondale - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Will Herondale

I absolutely know that I have written about Will Herondale somewhere else, I just can’t figure out where! I’m pretty sure it turned into a bit of an essay about why I love him so much… I wish I could find it. I’ve got a strange feeling it was on Tumblr, but there’s no chance I will ever find that again.

William Herondale is a Shadowhunter and one of the main characters in Cassandra Clare’s book series ‘The Infernal Devices’. Clare has written a lot of books about the Shadowhunters and I can honestly say this trilogy is the only one worth reading – please don’t shoot me! ‘The Mortal Instruments’ were good, but could have been chopped down into 3 or four books in my opinion. Continue reading