Sophie’s Different by Patrick Hodges

Sophie's Different by Patrick Hodges - Lauren Mayhew AuthorSophie’s Different – Patrick Hodges – 4 Stars

Blurb: Middle school is all about fitting in. It’s about not standing out. After all, kids can be cruel.

Sophie Devereaux doesn’t fit in. She and her two best friends, Marissa and Michelle, are seen as misfits. Things only get worse when Sophie runs afoul of Alexis, the most popular girl in school.

Ayden Saunders doesn’t fit in. Tragedies in his life have caused him to retreat into the shadows, where he watches his classmates from afar and fantasizes about being a superhero.

When Ayden overhears a plot to ruin Sophie’s life, he knows he can no longer sit on the sidelines. The two of them soon discover, to their amazement, that life is not about fitting in, it’s about being true to who you are.

What I like: Sophie’s Different was such a fantastic end to the trilogy. It tied up all the storylines for the majority of characters that we met in Joshua’s Island with a few heart-breaking twists along the way. Continue reading


Ethan’s Secret by Patrick Hodges

Ethan's Secret by Patrick Hodges - Lauren Mayhew AuthorEthan’s Secret – Patrick Hodges – 5 Stars

Blurb: Kelsey Callahan is smart, tough and fiercely loyal to her friends. She wants nothing more than to follow in her father’s footsteps, and be a detective just like her hero, Sherlock Holmes.

A lover of mysteries, she finally gets the chance to solve something on her own when Ethan, a cute but mysterious loner appears in her class. Both fascinated and infatuated with him, Kelsey soon learns there are events at play in Ethan’s life that are both tragic and dangerous.

Events that, the deeper she digs, may end up threatening not only their relationship but their very lives.

What I like: I loved the first book in the James Madison trilogy, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to get around to reading Ethan’s Secret. I’ll be reading Sophie’s Different, the final book in the series next. I really want to know what happens next, even though the characters may be slightly different. Continue reading

Nasty Girl

Nasty Girl by Notorious B.I.GThe number 1 song this time 10 years ago was Nasty Girl by the The Notorious B.I.G.

This is another one that I’ve never heard before. At this point in my life, I think that I was still listening to Busted.

Nasty Girl: I’ve met a few nasty girls in my time but one who stands out above the rest is a girl I went to Infant School with. I won’t name her because that’s unfair and for all I know she might be a changed person – I highly doubt that though.

This girl used to bully me. I was a chubby child and she enjoyed teasing me about my weight. Every. Single. Day. Continue reading

Joshua’s Island – Patrick Hodges

Joshua’s Island – Patrick Hodges – 4.5/5 Stars

Blurb: Joshua is small for his age. He has been bullied relentlessly for years, and all of his friends have drifted away from him. Eve is a pretty girl who has just been recruited into the popular clique. The two couldn’t be more different.

As they begin their final year of middle school, the unlikely pair find themselves partners in Science class. At first reluctant to work with him, Eve soon discovers hidden truths about not only Joshua but their school that turn her world upside-down.

The two form a relationship that will teach them both the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and love… a relationship that will end up changing not only their lives, but the entire complexion of their school.

This is an amazing book! It’s a must read! I think that this should be a compulsory read in schools! Bullying is tackled in many different ways in books, but this book does it differently. You get a true understanding of what it’s like for Joshua to be pushed away by everyone because of one bitchy girl, Rhonda. I’d really love to meet that girl in a dark alley some day… Continue reading