A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen – My Directorial Debut

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHere comes another post about my theatre group. It really has taken over my life… in a good way of course! We performed ‘A Murder is Announced’ last Saturday 9th, and it went well. It was the first time we’d performed in front of an audience, and the first time we’d done it on the stage with all of our props, so the fact that it went relatively smoothly was a miracle. There were a few hiccups, but I think that was mainly nerves, and people being a bit too hard on themselves.

We have another two performances this Saturday 16th December which I’m hoping will go just as well. You can find all information about the play here. It really is worth a watch if you’re in the local area – it’s in Frimley, by the way. Continue reading “A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen – My Directorial Debut”


A Murder is Announced

A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI could so easily write a review about the play ‘A Murder is Announced’ by Agatha Christie, as I’ve read it at least 10 times since September. It’s the play we’re doing in my theatre group for our next Christmas production, and I’m in it from page 1 to the last page. It’s one of those plays, like most murder mysteries, where I’m on stage a lot, but don’t have much to say. There are a few main characters that speak the majority of the time, and everyone else sits around and listens. It’s the generic setup for a murder mystery though. It can’t really be avoided.

I won’t write a review though, I feel like I’ve read it too many times now to know what my initial thoughts were. It’s definitely not a comedy, though there are some funny moments. There are quite a few references and comments that I don’t understand, though luckily I don’t have to react to them. Continue reading “A Murder is Announced”

The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher

The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThe Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher – 3.5 Stars

Blurb: The Christmasaurus is a story about a boy named William Trundle, and a dinosaur, the Christmasaurus. It’s about how they meet one Christmas Eve and have a magical adventure.

It’s about friendship and families, sleigh bells and Santa, singing elves and flying reindeer, music and magic. It’s about discovering your heart’s true desire, and learning that the impossible might just be possible.

Before I even begin this review, I just need to say that any negatives I have about this book are mainly because it’s for children. You’ll see what I mean. Continue reading “The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher”

My 3 Year Anniversary (On WordPress)

My 3 Year Anniversary (On WordPress) - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI got an email from WordPress this morning to say that today marks my three year anniversary on here. Three years. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started blogging. I’m very aware that I’m not the best blogger. It’s only over the last few weeks that I’ve actually updated my blog regularly, and I really will try to continue that!

I’ve found the time to read a bit more recently, so there should be a few more book reviews coming your way, as well as general ponderings about my daily life. I also have plans to do the A-Z blog challenge again next year, so that should be fun! Continue reading “My 3 Year Anniversary (On WordPress)”

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHappy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me… and so on. Today I turn 25 years old. A quarter of a century. And what have I achieved in that time? I’ve written four books, one play, and published three of them. Not bad considering most of that has happened in the last four years!

Unlike a lot of people my age, clubbing and partying is not something I’ll be doing to celebrate my birthday. I’ve never been much of a party person. The tradition has been to go to the cinema with my sister and cousins, but there’s no longer any more films in the Hunger Games franchise, and the next Fantastic Beasts film isn’t out until next year. We had to think of something else. Continue reading “Happy Birthday to Me”

Book Trailers – Are They Worth It?

Lauren Mayhew Author - Liliana TrilogySo, now that the Liliana Trilogy is complete and out there for all to read, I often wonder if I should be doing more in the way of marketing.  (Links to buy them here.) I don’t have a lot of money to spend – correction – I have no money to spend on marketing. I need to save all the money I can on buying a house one day, so my books often take a back seat. I live in the UK, and buying a house right now is damn near impossible.

Something that a lot of authors seem to do is create a book trailer. It’s a great idea if you think about it. You can embed a video on any website, put it on YouTube and all other social media platforms, and anyone can view it. It’s the perfect way to get people interested in your books. Continue reading “Book Trailers – Are They Worth It?”

Getting Crafty for Christmas

Getting Crafty For Christmas - Lauren Mayhew AuthorA new Hobbycraft has opened in my town, which is actually quite dangerous for my family. We all love crafts and a Hobbycraft could be a quick way to empty our bank accounts. Lucky for us, the shop was a lot smaller than we were expecting, so the items for sale were a lot more selective.

I have a habit of walking into craft shops and going crazy with ideas, none of which I have the time to complete. I have had some genius craft ideas, but with a full time job, my writing, and my theatre group, I find it hard to pick up a book. Crafting isn’t even on my radar. Continue reading “Getting Crafty for Christmas”

What Makes a Good Book Review?

Book Reviews - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve always wondered what people like to see in a book review. As an author, any review 3 stars or more is greatly appreciated. Even a 3 star review can mean that the reader enjoyed the book, they just didn’t love it. Every review is appreciated by an author, indie or not.

One of my most liked posts on here is a book review. I wrote it almost two years ago now, and it still gets views. I do wonder sometimes how people stumble upon that post. It made me think why that review was so popular. If people enjoyed it enough to like the post, it meant the format of the review must have been to certain people’s taste. You can find it here.

These are the 5 steps that I use to write my reviews. Continue reading “What Makes a Good Book Review?”

Harry Potter Quiz

Harry Potter Quiz - Lauren Mayhew AuthorYou may probably already know this, but I’m gonna say it again for those of you that might have missed it – I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. (I mean, who isn’t?) So, obviously, when one of my friends from my Theatre group asked me to be on her team for a Harry Potter quiz, I wasn’t exactly going to say no.

The event was organised by Muggle Mastermind. You can find their Facebook page here. They are only doing these quizzes in my local area at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll expand quickly as they grow in popularity. It was very well organised, and it was probably the best run quiz I’ve ever been to. The team tables were set up like the great hall, picture above. A lot of thought had been put into it. Continue reading “Harry Potter Quiz”

Play-Writing – How Hard Can It Be?

Masks with the theatre conceptWriting a stage play is a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. I knew it was going to be a challenge, as it’s the complete opposite of writing a story. It’s all dialogue and no description. In my novels, the dialogue is probably the bit I struggle with most. So why am I writing a play, I hear you ask. Because I like to challenge myself. If you don’t challenge yourself, life gets a bit boring.

So, I’m writing a murder mystery set in modern times. Normally, I have a title before I even start writing, but not for this one. The title has evaded me so far. I usually use a line of text from the story itself as a title, but no-one has said anything yet that’s catchy enough. That’s a little worrying now that I think about it.

Continue reading “Play-Writing – How Hard Can It Be?”