Now That I’m Not so Busy…

Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully - Brightlight Theatre Company - Lauren Mayhew Author 1After almost a year and a half of constant participation with my theatre group, I have decided to take a break. I will not be auditioning for our Christmas production, as there are so many other things that I’d like to focus on. I have purposely made plans for tonight so that I can’t be coerced into auditioning. I will be as far away as possible from that hall.

I absolutely love Brightlight Theatre, but I need some of my evenings back so that I can read a book, write a book or even go to the cinema. I haven’t been able to do that much over the last few months because I’ve purely been focusing on learning lines. I wasn’t even meant to be auditioning for the September production of ‘Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully’, but I landed myself with one of the main roles and put myself under a lot of pressure. Continue reading


Y – You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

A-Z Blog Challenge - You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift - Lauren Mayhew AuthorYou Belong With Me by Taylor Swift – 27 Plays – 24 ‘Y’ Songs in Total

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift would have hit my radar back in 2008/ 2009 when it was released. I don’t know if I purchased the album, Fearless, straight away, but I’ve definitely been listening to Taylor for a long time. There are some absolute gems of songs hidden in her albums that I wish had become more well known, unfortunately, none of them reached the tops of any of the lists except for this one. Maybe in a few years time she’ll start creeping up higher, but for now, you’ll have to make do with this being her only appearance.

You Belong With Me is one of Taylor’s first songs and it still has that country twang to it. I have a soft spot for country music and I really should listen to more of it. A lot of Taylor’s later music deviates into pop rather than country, so I appreciate her older albums because of their country roots. It’s quite a light-hearted love song too. It’s not dreary or depressing so it’s easy to listen to, no matter what mood you might be in. The video for You Belong With Me is at the bottom of the post. It’s a really cute video, so definitely worth a few minutes of your time. Continue reading

A – Animal by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Animal by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew Author

Animal by The Wanted  60 Plays – 60 ‘A’ Songs in Total

I honestly don’t know when I first heard this song, but it must have been shortly after The Wanted performed it in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in 2011. I definitely don’t remember watching or listening to it live, so it would have been a video that I watched on YouTube. They performed the cover song Animal in the Live Lounge at the same time as their single Gold Forever. Animal was originally sung by Neon Trees. I’d never heard this song before The Wanted covered it.

The way that The Wanted sing it is quite light-hearted and jolly, and that makes it really easy to listen to. It’ll be quite clear throughout this challenge that I love this band. Their music and weekly YouTube videos got me through a lot of depression between the years of 2010 and 2013, so all of their songs mean a lot to me, even the ones I’m not too keen on! Even though this isn’t an original song by The Wanted, I just love the way that it has been performed. The video of them performing this in the Live Lounge is embedded at the bottom of the blog – take a listen! (It’s not the official BBC video, I can’t find it anywhere on Youtube!)   Continue reading

Good News: Lost Dog Found

Author Note: Have you ever noticed how 90% of news headlines are negative? It puts me off reading newspapers, and every time the news comes on the TV, I just want to turn it over.

Even if a news channel is reporting on something positive, there’s usually a negative spin on it somewhere, as well as bias towards someone in particular. But, every now and then, a positive story pops up, and I’d like to share those stories here on my blog. Let’s start reporting the things that really matter, rather than focusing on what one ‘celebrity’ has said about another. Positive vibes and happy stories only. 

I’ll link to the source of the article at the bottom of the blog, so you can read the original text.   Continue reading