A-Z Blog Challenge – 2018

A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 - Lauren Mayhew Author

The badge for 2016. Looking forward to 2018’s!

I did the A-Z Blog Challenge in 2016 and I loved it. Even though it was extremely stressful. I already know what I want to write about this year, a little premature, I know. It won’t be about my favourite characters this time, as I haven’t read or watched anything new that might change my favourites from 2016. It will be focused on music.

The challenge in 2016 introduced me to a lot of new bloggers and gained a lot of traffic for my website – which is always a good thing when you’re a struggling Indie author – so it’s definitely something that I want to try again.

I think I’ll start writing the posts soon. I got a little stressed when I did it last time, as I didn’t really think about how long the process was going to take. I’d find myself writing the posts a few hours before they were meant to go live, and some of them were absolutely terrible. I’ve known what I’ve wanted to write about for a few months now, so it’ll be great to finally get going! Continue reading


April the Giraffe

Happy Easter - April the Giraffe - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHappy Easter! However you spend Easter, I hope you have a fantastic day. The Easter bunny visited me last night, and I have enough chocolate to last me at least a week, though it’ll be gone in a few days I’m sure!

As I’m sure most of you know already, April the Giraffe finally gave birth yesterday. I have been watching Animal Adventure Park’s Live Feed since mid February, so I was pretty dedicated.

I have a ritual every morning when I wake up that involves checking emails and social media, and April was added onto that list. It’s going to be strange when the Live Feed is no longer streaming, I’ll have to find something else to watch instead. Continue reading