Now You’re Gone

Now You're gone - Number 1 Singles - Lauren Mayhew AuthorOn the 19th January 2008, Basshunter’s ‘Now You’re Gone’ hit the number one spot.

Now You’re Gone: I have so many memories of this song. Being fifteen at the time of its release, I obviously never got to hear it in a club, which is where I think a lot of people grew to love it. I think I first heard this song at my cousin’s house. My sister and I used to go round to my cousin’s house at least once a week, if not more. We wouldn’t really do a lot, except for talking to people on MSN Messenger, remember that? Or we played silly games whilst listening to music. Continue reading


Shuffle Play Questions

Shuffle Play Questions - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve done one of these before, but I’m almost certain I cheated a little. There were either answers that made no sense at all, or I was embarrassed to admit to some of the music on my iPod. This time, I’m gonna do it properly!

Here are 20 questions that I’m answering with Shuffle Play on my iPod. Hopefully some of them work well enough to be amusing. I’m going to put the title of the song first, then the artist, then the album/ single that it’s from. Continue reading