Services for Indie Authors

As an Indie author herself, Lauren understands how difficult it can be to finally get your book on the shelves. Once the book has been written, you not only need to edit and proofread it, you need to design a cover, format the manuscript and write the dreaded blurb.

At the moment, Lauren has two services on offer which she hopes will help you on your way to becoming a fully published indie author.

Book Covers

Never judge a book by its cover‘, they say, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Having an attractive and professional book cover is a winner when you’re self-publishing. There’s nothing worse than a cover that looks like it’s been made on Microsoft Word with Clip Art.

All of Lauren’s covers can be found on her instagram page, here. Each cover has been designed with commercial use images, or images that she has created herself. Once a cover is sold, it will be taken off the shelves, and will belong to you. No-one else will be able to buy it.

Lauren Mayhew Author - Book Cover Designer

Book Formatting

Lauren will format your book so that it is print or eBook ready. Formatting your book is one of the hardest steps in publishing, so she is offering you a stress free journey.

Lauren has successfully used Microsoft Word to format three of her own books to a professional standard. It’s a long process, but one that she enjoys thoroughly.

The files will be sent back to you as Word documents and PDF’s within 5 days of your order.

The price of this service varies depending on how many pages your book has.

200 pages – £160
250 pages – £200
300 pages – £240

Please contact Lauren with your book page count and she will be able to give you an accurate price.

What Lauren needs from you:

– Please send the text in a Word Document
– Let her know the size of the book that you would like to publish (i.e. 6″ x 9″)
– Tell her your author name so that it can be inserted into the Header.
– Let her know font and font size.
– Would you like Chapter headings to be the same font, or something different?
– Would you like drop caps at the beginning of each chapter?
– Would you like each Chapter to begin on the right hand page?

Lauren Mayhew Author Book Formatting - Indie Author Services

If you have any questions about any of the services that Lauren offers, please use her Contact Form.

Good luck with your publishing journey!