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Reality is in a DreamReality is in a Dream by Lauren Mayhew

Most dreams are a reflection of recent events in your waking life. Not for Liliana.

Hers begin to reveal a forgotten life – memories that fill her with joy and fear.

When a pair of eyes begins to watch her from the sky, she cannot shake away the feeling of dread that washes over her.

The only person that she can trust to help her is her best friend Justin. Together they begin to decipher Liliana’s dreams to uncover the truth, but it becomes clear that they are dealing with events far beyond their imagination.

The more the two of them uncover, the harder it becomes for Liliana to distinguish between two realities. She desperately needs to find answers before time runs out.

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Mourning MemoriesMourning Memories by Lauren Mayhew


Having managed to free herself from Duana’s prison, Liliana Frye still needs to find her family. Samson, her brother, her fiancée Asher and best friend Justin have waited 174 years to see her again, but she still doesn’t know exactly where they are.

A letter from her father reveals secrets about Liliana that will undoubtedly change her world. She begins to realise why Duana so desperately wants to steal her powers and is determined to never let her complete her aim to become the most powerful Custos the world has ever seen.

New friends are made, old friends return and Liliana needs to decide who she can trust.

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Eternity BeginsEternity Begins Cover - Lauren Mayhew Author

Liliana Frye is a Custos – an immortal being with superhuman powers. It’s a life that many would love to have, and yet Liliana’s hasn’t been easy. Her powers are greatly desired by Duana, a Custos whose main aim is to steal as many powers as she can to become the greatest of all.

The Book of Custos contains the information that Duana needs to take the powers, but she doesn’t have it. Liliana’s family have the book. Duana has Liliana, along with hundreds of Custos in her crystal ball prisons. It’s only a matter of time before she figures out the ritual, and puts everyone’s lives in danger.

The action-packed final book in the Liliana Trilogy will keep you hooked until the very last page.

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Vicky & Co. by John PibworthVicky and Co. Cover - John Pibworth - Lauren Mayhew Author

(This isn’t my book, but my friend doesn’t have a website, or any means of advertising, so I’m giving him a helping hand!)

“A reward of £50 is offered for information leading to the recovery of a valuable diamond necklace. Anyone with information should contact Sir Edward Halligan of Halligan Hall, Surrey. All information provided will be dealt with in strict confidence.”

In the Surrey Hills, England, 1935, Vicky and her friends band together to uncover the fifteen year old mystery of the missing diamond necklace. With the incentive of a £50 reward, they must succeed where all others have failed before them.

In this adorable adventure story, reminiscent of the Famous Five, we delve into the world of children on a mission.

Whether the cast is younger or older, Vicky & Co. is sure to enthral all audiences.

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