A Doll’s House – Opening Night

A Doll's House Poster - Brightlight Theatre Company - Lauren Mayhew AuthorFor those of you that may be new to my blog, welcome! For those of you who’ve been here for a while, here’s a quick update all about my experience directing a play. I’ve been with my theatre group for two years now, and they have been the best two years ever! At the very end of last year, I was tasked with directing a play, but not just any play, Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’.

Brightlight Theatre Company usually work with comedies or murder mysteries, so ‘A Doll’s House’ was the first classic drama that we’ve done. It made us all a little nervous, as our audience usually expect to come along and have a laugh, not to watch a drama about a family set in the 1800’s. Regardless of this fact, the audience absolutely loved our opening show on Saturday! Continue reading “A Doll’s House – Opening Night”


I’m Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed

I'm Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThe title pretty much explains everything, but here’s some context for those of you that are actually interested. Last November I went to the dentist because I was experiencing pain in my lower right jaw. I pretty much knew that it had something to do with my wisdom teeth, but wanted to get it checked out anyway, just in case. The tooth at the top left had been emerging for a couple of years already, so I knew the sort of pain to expect, but there is literally no room for the bottom teeth.

After the x-rays it was only made clearer how little room I have for any new teeth along my lower jaw. Both lower wisdom teeth are impacted. They’re practically growing horizontally into my back molars. There is no chance that they are very going to come through. The one on the right hasn’t stopped being painful since November and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was infected. The top right can be felt under the gum, but it hasn’t made any progress for at least six months, so I think that one might be impacted too.   Continue reading “I’m Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed”

Winter is Here

Winter is Here Snow - Lauren Mayhew AuthorSo, here in the South of England, snow isn’t always guaranteed in winter, despite what the Christmas movies might tell you. This winter has been a little bit different, though we still didn’t get a White Christmas! Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve had quite a few snow showers throughout the UK, all of which have caused ridiculous amounts of travel disruption. But none of these snowy spells hit Farnborough.

I have the weather radar up at work on one of my screens and love watching to see where the snow is, but I swear it would avoid Farnborough. We got a few showers, but nothing significant enough to settle. Until yesterday. Continue reading “Winter is Here”

I Want to Try Yoga

I Want to Try Yoga - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’m not the best at getting my exercise in. I think my average step count is about 4,000 a day, which is considerably lower than the 10,000 you’re meant to get. My job makes it hard. I’m either sat in the office all day, or I’m out and about walking around. There is no in between. Some days, I’m lucky to reach 3,000!

Although I could go for walks after work to increase my steps, I want to try something a little different. Something that will actually make me feel like I’ve done a workout. I can happily go for a 3 mile walk and not feel any strain. If I increase that, I’ll be taking up a lot of spare time that I don’t seem to have at the moment. Continue reading “I Want to Try Yoga”

A New Year’s Resolution… Sort Of

A New Year's Resolution Sort Of - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions. They seem pointless to me, as the majority of them never get seen through to the end of the year. I don’t think I’ve ever made a resolution that’s made it to April, let alone a change for the rest of my life.

This year, or at least from a week ago, I decided to stop eating biscuits. I can either go a whole day without eating one, and then the next day I’ll eat half a packet of the sugary goodness. Badness. They are bad for me, that’s the whole point of not eating them.

I’m still going to eat chocolate and cake. I’m not completely cutting everything, that would be torture, but every time I think about going to the biscuit tin, I’ll eat fruit or nothing. Sometimes I go for biscuits because I’m bored, not because I need them. Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution… Sort Of”

Social Media is Killing My Mood

Social Media is Killing My Mood - Lauren Mayhew Author
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I have a lot of down time at work. It’s a reactive job. If someone needs help with something, I’ll be called out to fix the problem, or at least try – I am only an apprentice after all. However, if there are no problems, and work is a little slow, I find myself not having much to do. Obviously, this is the perfect chance for me to start working on a book, or a play, but I just don’t do it.

I have access to a manuscript that I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016. (Read about my NaNo experience here.) I’m really proud of what I managed to write, but I’ve barely looked at it since NaNo ended. It’s not that I’m lacking in ideas for it, I have ideas spilling out of my head, I just can’t get round to sitting in front of the computer and writing. Continue reading “Social Media is Killing My Mood”

Directing a Play

A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen - Lauren Mayhew AuthorAs you may already know, if you’re a regular visit to my blog, I’m directing a play for the theatre group that I’m part of. You can read all about the play here.

At first I was really nervous. Anxiety started kicking in. What if no-one listens to me? What if my ideas are all scoffed at? What if this is the worst selling Brightlight show ever? And so on… It’s a big thing to take on. It’s a big play to take on too, especially for a first timer like me. I’ve never directed anything in my life. I never thought I’d ever want to, but things have changed over the last two years of being with Brightlight. Continue reading “Directing a Play”

Unanswered Harry Potter Questions

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. RowlingOne of the things I dislike most when reading books is the questions that I’m left asking once I’ve finished. As an author myself, I know how difficult it is to wrap everything up, especially if you have hundreds of characters, so this is in no way a criticism. If you explained what happened to every character after the books were finished, you’d have to write a whole new book just on that. It’s not realistic, and you can guarantee that someone would always find another question to ask.

If any of you are familiar with the Lord of the Rings books, you’ll know that there is an appendix at the end that sheds some light on what happens to the characters once the adventure is over. It made me happy reading that, as I knew where Sam, Legolas and Gimli went. I wish all authors could do this. Continue reading “Unanswered Harry Potter Questions”

Sleep Hallucinations

Dreams - Sleep Hallucinations - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI can’t remember if I’ve ever written about this before on here, or whether it’s something I’ve wanted to write about but never got round to. It’s something that happens to me when I’m stressed, or have a lot going on in life, and it’s not something I’ve ever heard anyone else ever talking about before. It runs in my family, with my mum, my aunt and one of my close cousins experiencing the same thing too.

Stress doesn’t appear to affect me during the day. I would generally say that I’m never stressed, until my sleep hallucinations happen. I think that’s the correct term for it, that’s what Google said anyway. It’s only when these hallucinations grace me in the middle of the night that I realise I’m probably not coping as well I should be. Continue reading “Sleep Hallucinations”

My Year in Films – 2017

My Year in Films 2017 -Beauty and the Beast - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThis is one of the posts that I enjoy writing most every year. I love to look back at what I’ve done, as the memories of going to see these films and concerts comes flooding back. As I said last year, I got the Cineworld Unlimited card, so this one is going to be quite a long list. There have been some incredible films released this year, and some not so incredible. I wonder if our opinions differ on which were our favourites. Don’t forget to read to the bottom to see which goals I’ve achieved for 2017, and my new goals for the year ahead. Continue reading “My Year in Films – 2017”