Mid-year Update – 2018

Brightlight Theatre Company - 5-Year Charity Spectacular - Lauren Mayhew Author

The main reason I’ve been too busy to blog!

Ever since the A-Z Blog Challenge finished, I’ve been a bit slow with the regular blog posts. It’s not because I’ve lost the taste for blogging, I just couldn’t find anything to blog about that you already didn’t know.

The blogging challenge is always so exhausting too, and it’s been nice to take a back seat and not have to worry about how many posts I have scheduled and how many blogs I need to comment on and read. I’m pretty sure this is what happened the last time I participated too. I got into a bit of a slump.

Anyway, there are other things that have been getting in my way. My theatre group would be the main one. Not only am I currently rehearsing for three different shows at once – yes, I did say three – I’m also the Promotions and Publicity Officer for the group, which basically means that I control the social media accounts.

It took me many, many hours to organise photos and text for posts that would span over two weeks. This is all for our charity show in July. It’s called the ‘Brightlight 5-Year Charity Spectacular’, and all profits go to our local charity KatCanDo. We’re celebrating our 5th Anniversary by performing snippets of almost all of the shows we’ve worked on during that time. I had the idea of gathering images from each show and posting about them chronologically each day for two weeks. It’s a great marketing idea, but it took up so much of my time! It began a few days ago and it appears to be going well so far, not sure about ticket sales yet though. You can find more information about the show here. It’s on the 7th July at 7.30pm.

But yes, I’ve been learning lines for the charity show as well as The Fire Stack, our festival play, and the September production which I have a main part in. The first two are mainly refreshing my memory on lines, but the September production is completely new. By the time I’m finished with The Fire Stack at the end of July, I’ll only have five weeks to learn the lines for September. I might go crazy.

The Fire Stack by Brightlight Theatre Company - Guildford Fringe Festival - Lauren Mayhew AuthorWe have our first performance of The Fire Stack this Saturday too. We don’t have lighting or sound, so it won’t be the best performance, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to pull it off. I’m hoping I’ll remember all of my lines! We’re most looking forward to our performance at the Guildford Fringe Festival on the 29th July. It’s going to be a real chance to showcase the talent in our group beyond the local area. It’s going to be a good one! More info here.

I went away to Dorset for a week with my mum and sister too, during the first week of June. It was a nice little trip with lots of walking and the best fish and chip shop I think I’ve ever eaten from. More about this another day though. I took some photos that I’ll share eventually – here and on my photography blog.

There is also a man on the scene, who I’ve been spending a bit of time with over the last two months. He definitely has nothing to do with my lack of blogging over the last few weeks, that’s all to do with my crappy organisation skills. I can be a bit superstitious and paranoid, so I won’t say anything more about him. I don’t want to jinx anything, not when things appear to be going well!

Other than my business, I’ve also discovered a song by Little Mix that I am absolutely in love with. When I say discovered, I mean it’s been on my iPod since I bought their fourth album Glory Days, I clearly just haven’t listened to it enough. It’s called Power and not only are the lyrics amazing, the vocals are incredible. I really don’t know how I missed it when I first listened to the album. It must have been around the same time that I bulk bought new albums. It will definitely be on repeat for the next few days. Find the video here.

I’m also hoping that my contract with work will be extended for another year or so. I’m currently an apprentice in IT, but I’d like to stay working here because it’s a fantastic place to work. I think there’s a chance that I could take on another apprenticeship, this one in cyber security. It sounds interesting and I am slightly looking forward to it, but again, I don’t want to get my hopes up too high. It might not even happen yet, and then I’ll be unemployed again. I have more skills this time, so I hope it’ll be easier to find work if it comes to it.

Well, that’s just a quick catch-up. Hopefully after the charity show I’ll have more time to blog!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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