Vicky & Co. by John Pibworth – A New Play

Vicky and Co. Cover - John Pibworth - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThis may look like a book review, but it isn’t. Of course, I will be telling you how amazing this play is, but I am completely biased as John is, in fact, a friend of mine. The play is amazing though…

John Pibworth is the set designer for my theatre group, Brightlight Theatre Company. I’ve known him for just over two years now, though we didn’t properly start talking until about a year ago when he found out about my books. I’ve heard that he’s a fantastic actor, though since I’ve been a part of the group, we’ve not managed to entice him onto the stage. Maybe if we perform his play, we might be able to get him back for one final time.

I’m not sure how long ago he wrote Vicky & Co.. It was about a year ago that he asked if I could help him make it available to the general public and I was more than happy to help, though it was delayed a lot because of my commitments within Brightlight. In the end, John’s sister offered to help by typing the play up onto Word so that I could then take over with the formatting.

John isn’t the most technologically advanced man, and he wrote the play using an old Word Processor. He just doesn’t have the time or need for technology, so his sister and I did what we could to get the play into book format. And, after many, many hours of work, and a few frustrating mistakes later, I can happily say that the play is now available as a paperback and eBook on Amazon. Follow this link here to be taken to it!

I also created the artwork for the book, the cover image is above. John knew that he wanted Dolly and Teddy to be the main feature on the front of the book, so he brought them in to a rehearsal one day and I took a photo on my phone. The background wasn’t very good to look at, so I changed it and added a wood floor. I like the effect of the end product. I think it’s quite eye-catching. Anyway, below are the details of the play.

“A reward of £50 is offered for information leading to the recovery of a valuable diamond necklace. Anyone with information should contact Sir Edward Halligan of Halligan Hall, Surrey. All information provided will be dealt with in strict confidence.”

In the Surrey Hills, England, 1935, Vicky and her friends band together to uncover the fifteen year old mystery of the missing diamond necklace. With the incentive of a £50 reward, they must succeed where all others have failed before them.

In this adorable adventure story, reminiscent of the Famous Five, we delve into the world of children on a mission.

Whether the cast is younger or older, Vicky & Co. is sure to enthral all audiences.

The best thing about Vicky & Co. is the fact that adults get to play children, and there is such a range of children in this, there is a character for everyone. I know which character I’d like to be if we ever put this on the stage. I’m hoping it will be put in the hat for our Christmas production, though I’m not sure I’ll audition. I need a break from drama. Though I’ve been saying that since December, and I still keep auditioning/ directing!

If you are part of an Amateur Dramatics group, or you’d simply like to read a good play, head on over to Amazon and grab a copy of Vicky & Co.! It’s a fantastic read, I know you’ll love it.

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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