W – Warzone by The Wanted

A-Z Blog Challenge - Warzone by The Wanted - Lauren Mayhew AuthorWarzone by The Wanted – 52 Plays – 87 ‘W’ Songs in Total

I heard Warzone on The Wanted’s second album, Battleground, not long before it was released as a single. It was one of those songs that I had to listen to again and again. There’s something so pure about it. For the second and final time in this challenge, I will admit to Warzone not actually being the number one song in the ‘W’ category. Number one was Weakness by The Wanted. I loved it when I first heard it, but the more I played it, the more I realised how weak the song was lyrically – no pun intended. It’s not the best song they’ve done, but you can have a listen here.

I love how half way through Warzone they start to hum, it reminds me of the Misty Mountain song from The Hobbit. (Watch here.) However, it’s another one of those frustrating songs that I can’t sing. To begin with it’s way too deep, but then the chorus is a little too high. I literally can’t win. It’s a very powerful song too, though it’s difficult to find a good live version. Maybe it had a bit too much power for some of the singers. You can find the official video at the bottom of the post.

You know the end could never come so soon,
It’s clear to me,
The lies you use,
The ones that killed me ain’t hurting you

When it comes to a relationship of any kind, the above words couldn’t be truer. If you lie to someone, you may not think it’s such a bad thing, but to them, it’s extremely painful when they find out. This song was written by Nathan Sykes and it relates to a relationship in which he was cheated on. I don’t know why anyone would want to cheat on such a loving human being as him, but a great song came out of it, so that’s probably the only positive. Kind of. It’s basically a song about trying to forget the person who hurt you so much.

Who’s David by Busted came fifth on the list. The top four songs were by The Wanted, though this is their last appearance in this challenge. What a song to go out on! Anyway, Who’s David is also a song about being cheated on and is one of my all-time favourite Busted songs. It’s just so simple but powerful at the same time. I can also sing this one, it’s the perfect range for me! You can watch the official video here. Busted will also be headlining tomorrow’s post with one of their best songs ever!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018 - Lauren Mayhew AuthorA few fun facts: Of the 1,199 songs on my iPod – I know, feeble compared to some – there have been a total of 16,039 plays. This equates to an average of 13.4 plays per song. If each song is an average of 3 minutes long, this means that I have spent approximately 801.95 hours listening to the music on my iPod or 33.4 days. This doesn’t include the many times that I have watched and re-watched music videos or the time before the iPod. I can guarantee things would look a little different if I could get the data from my MP3 Player or Windows Media Player days.


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