Q – Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) by Backstreet Boys

A-Z Blog Challenge - Quit Playing Games by The Backstreet Boys - Lauren Mayhew Author

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) by Backstreet Boys – 8 Plays – 1 ‘Q’ Song in Total

It’s a ‘Q’. Did you really think the song would be anything else? Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) by the Backstreet Boys is one of those songs that I’ve been listening to for years, but I could never actually tell you when I first heard it. It’s unlikely that my parents would have played it for me when it was first released in 1997. I was five at the time and music wasn’t really my main focus. I was probably listening to the music my mum put on during the day, so Guns N’ Roses or maybe Winnie the Pooh because that’s not a big contrast or anything.

I’m surprised by how few plays this has. I know that I’ve listened to Quit Playing Games much more than 8 times, but that must have been on my old MP3 Player or windows media player before my MP3. There also would have been many, many YouTube views of this back before I had iTunes. I’d play Minesweeper and Solitaire for hours listening to YouTube and the soundtrack would usually be the Backstreet Boys. Oh, how I miss those carefree days.

Baby, baby the love that we had was so strong
Don’t leave me hangin’ here forever
Oh baby, baby this is not alright, let’s stop this tonight

Ok, I’ll be honest, the lyrics to this song aren’t the best, or at least they’re not as meaningful as some of the other songs that I’ve written about so far. This is making this section of the blog a little tricky – how do I write about my favourite lyrics when I don’t really have a favourite bit? Well, I write about the section of the song that I like the most, and for Quit Playing Games, it’s the bit that AJ sang. There’s always one person in a boyband, or any band, that you like the most, and it’s AJ for me. I just love his voice and wish he had bigger solos because I feel his voice is a lot stronger than the others. But that seems to happen in bands. The strongest singer is never the lead. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

As this was the only song in the letter ‘Q’, this section about other songs that I love beginning with ‘Q’ has become quite difficult too. I’m now pondering whether I should write a song beginning with ‘Q’, or maybe I should just do some research into more songs. Do you know any good ‘Q’ songs?

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018 - Lauren Mayhew AuthorA few fun facts: Of the 1,199 songs on my iPod – I know, feeble compared to some – there have been a total of 16,039 plays. This equates to an average of 13.4 plays per song. If each song is an average of 3 minutes long, this means that I have spent approximately 801.95 hours listening to the music on my iPod or 33.4 days. This doesn’t include the many times that I have watched and re-watched music videos or the time before the iPod. I can guarantee things would look a little different if I could get the data from my MP3 Player or Windows Media Player days.


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