H – The Heart Never Lies by McFly

A-Z Blog Challenge - The Heart Never Lies by McFly - Lauren Mayhew Author

The Heart Never Lies by McFly – 45 Plays – 78 ‘H’ Songs in Total

I know this song begins with ‘The’, but it’s not really a word, is it? I also really didn’t want my ‘T’ post to begin with ‘The’. The Heart Never Lies was released as an EP in 2008 rather than a single or an album track. I think this was around the time that I rediscovered McFly, and although I’d heard The Heart Never Lies previously, it wasn’t until a few years after its release that I listened to it properly. This was around the time that I downloaded every single song by McFly in the iTunes store. These included a version of Lola, with Busted, and their cover of Pinball Wizard by The Who. Both are very good, you should check them out.

I would consider The Heart Never Lies to be a power ballad. Feel free to disagree. It is a love song, but not the typical boyband kind of love song. The way that I interpret it is that it’s written about the friendships within the band, but they’ve made it look like they’re singing about a lover. Although it may not look like it at the moment, McFly are great friends, almost like brothers, I’d say. This song epitomises that friendship. The video can be found at the bottom of the blog.

Some people fight, some people fall
Others pretend they don’t care at all
If you wanna fight I’ll stand right beside you
The day that you fall I’ll be right behind you

I like the lyrics in The Heart Never Lies for many reasons. The first is that this is the sort of friend that I hope I am. If anyone disrespects my friends or family, I completely lose it. The red mist falls. I would stand by my friends and family through almost anything. The second reason is that I feel I have finally found friends who would do the same for me. When I first heard The Heart never Lies, my friendship circle wasn’t great. I was pushed out for being different. I wish I’d had friends like in this song to help me through, but I didn’t unfortunately. Luckily that’s now changed.

I wasn’t expecting The Heart Never Lies to be at the top of the list. Although it’s been on my iPod for a really long time, and I do love it a lot, there was one other song that I thought might hit the top spot. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton would have been my first guess. Official video here. I love Michael Bolton’s voice so much. I first heard How Am I… when I was watching the music channels one day. It must have been power ballads. My sister and I were instantly in love. It was a close second with 42 plays, but still not enough to beat McFly.

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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A-Z Blogging Challenge 2018 - Lauren Mayhew AuthorA few fun facts: Of the 1,199 songs on my iPod – I know, feeble compared to some – there have been a total of 16,039 plays. This equates to an average of 13.4 plays per song. If each song is an average of 3 minutes long, this means that I have spent approximately 801.95 hours listening to the music on my iPod or 33.4 days. This doesn’t include the many times that I have watched and re-watched music videos or the time before the iPod. I can guarantee things would look a little different if I could get the data from my MP3 Player, or Windows Media Player days.

6 thoughts on “H – The Heart Never Lies by McFly

  1. Melanie Crouse says:

    I had to go back and look at your theme reveal to make sure I understood what you are doing here–and it’s exactly what I thought! What a fantastic idea! It makes me wish that my playlist was on iTunes and not on Spotify…I wonder if they’ve got any analytics…But I digress. This is awesome. I’m excited to come back and see more!
    Melanie’s Stories


  2. Song A Day says:

    Good choice not to use “The” as a cheap out for your T post, that’s always bugged me a little.

    Great song too, I feel like my moody self from a few years back would have been in love with it. I’m enjoying the new music you’ve been introducing me to with this theme.

    Song a Day
    H is for Heilung


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