Winter is Here

Winter is Here Snow - Lauren Mayhew AuthorSo, here in the South of England, snow isn’t always guaranteed in winter, despite what the Christmas movies might tell you. This winter has been a little bit different, though we still didn’t get a White Christmas! Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve had quite a few snow showers throughout the UK, all of which have caused ridiculous amounts of travel disruption. But none of these snowy spells hit Farnborough.

I have the weather radar up at work on one of my screens and love watching to see where the snow is, but I swear it would avoid Farnborough. We got a few showers, but nothing significant enough to settle. Until yesterday.

Yesterday, the Beast from the East arrived. It’s been a long time since I saw snow coming down that heavy, and I loved it. I love watching snow. I love how peaceful and muffled everything becomes when it’s falling, and I love how beautiful everything looks before footprints and car tracks have spoiled it. However, I don’t enjoy walking or driving in it, so having to travel to work was not my favourite thing to do this morning. I only have a ten minute drive, but when the roads haven’t been gritted, it’s a bit slippery. It’s not a great feeling when you can feel the wheels of your car spinning, frantically trying to get a grip, as you skid your way around the roundabout. I slowed down a bit after that.

I’ve been waiting for snow for so long. All I really wanted snow for was so that I could go out with my camera again, for the first time in ages! There is a brook not far from my house and I just knew that it would look very pretty when covered in snow. I went there as soon as I got home from work yesterday, and although it was absolutely freezing, I’m glad I went. I haven’t managed to look at the photos properly yet, but a few of them looked good from the screen on the camera. As soon as I’ve looked at them, I’ll be posting them on my photography website, which can be found here.

Hopefully I can get out and take a few more photos before the snow disappears. It’s meant to be getting worse over the next few days with another storm coming in from the East, so there should be a few more opportunities. It just depends on how cold it is and whether I’m brave enough to go out in a snowstorm!

For some of you, the idea of snow is such a normal thing, I’m sure you think I’m a little silly right now. I just love it so much, though I’m eagerly awaiting a time when the temperature rises above 0. I’m not good with the cold.

Until the next time,

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