April the Giraffe

Happy Easter - April the Giraffe - Lauren Mayhew AuthorHappy Easter! However you spend Easter, I hope you have a fantastic day. The Easter bunny visited me last night, and I have enough chocolate to last me at least a week, though it’ll be gone in a few days I’m sure!

As I’m sure most of you know already, April the Giraffe finally gave birth yesterday. I have been watching Animal Adventure Park’s Live Feed since mid February, so I was pretty dedicated.

I have a ritual every morning when I wake up that involves checking emails and social media, and April was added onto that list. It’s going to be strange when the Live Feed is no longer streaming, I’ll have to find something else to watch instead.

However, even though my whole family had been regularly checking the feed, we missed the birth. We bloody missed it. Luckily we were able to rewind to the moment that it all began, and then fast forward a little to skip the hour or so when only the feet were poking out. So, technically we didn’t watch the birth ‘live’, but we did watch it and enjoy the moment the baby fell six foot to the floor. Ouch!

April the Giraffe - Lauren Mayhew Author

Photo courtesy of Animal Adventure park

There were a few moments where the baby giraffe face planted the floor in his attempt to stand, and I laughed. I felt bad for it, but it was blooming hilarious! I’m glad to see that it has now found its feet, and can walk around a bit better. I wonder what they’re going to call the beautiful new addition to their family.

My suggestion would be: Abyaz. It means ‘white bright brilliant innocent‘, (or so the mighty name-finder tells me). It’s an African name, which is appropriate, but the meaning is so relevant in the world today. Something so brilliant, and innocent, has brought people together from all over the world. This baby giraffe may just be the most famous giraffe in the world. I think the name fits.

I hope you enjoy watching the little giraffe for as long as the video us Live, and have a Happy Easter!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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