Rigel by Eli Ingle

Rigel by Eli Ingle - Lauren Mayhew AuthorRigel (Appointments on Plum Street Book 1)  –  Eli Ingle  –  3.5 Stars

Blurb: Appointments on Plum Street is a series set across six worlds, three dimensions and multiple times zones. The first book, Rigel, starts the story as we see the young orphan Rigel on Earth, miserable and alone. Then one night his life is changed forever when a crew of airship pilots tear through the sky and offer to take him to another world.

On their journey they come across other children and Rigel finds that they are all at the centre of a legend thousands of years old … and he has no memory being part of it. The children are the Light Ones and the only hope of saving each planet against The Darkness.

The Darkness, trapped for so long in the Dark Realm, is beginning to stir and venture out from its prison, taking hold a world at a time, led by the malignant and cruel Frivlok.

It is left in the hands of the Light Ones to do everything in their power to stop it. But with limited experience, strength and cunning as a result of hundreds of years of hiding, how will they ever succeed against Frivlok and his Dark Parade?

Rigel is a Steampunk novel that follows a young boy called Rigel as he travels through different dimensions, and through time. We learn that he is a Light One, a powerful being whose main purpose is to destroy all manner of demons, and evil that reside in the Dark Realm.

I’ll admit that I’ve never read a Steampunk novel before, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. It’s not a genre that I’m naturally drawn to, and although I did enjoy Rigel, the genre may have had some effect on my rating.

There are a few characters in this that I absolutely loved. Captain Laurie is the most clueless man, and I do wonder how he ever became a Captain, as his crew are the ones that navigate the ship to land as safely as possible. I like his humour and innocence. Tink is also one of my favourites, along with Rusty. Dry humour always wins with me, and these two characters have that in abundance.

The story is very fast paced, with a lot happening in the first half. More happens in the first half of this book than in some full length novels, so that’s definitely a plus. However, there is a point half way through where things slow down slightly. I think it’s more noticeable because of the fast pace before in the story, but it soon picks up again when more action is introduced.

I enjoyed the story, though there were a few things that stopped me giving 5 stars. The first few chapters have hardly any dialogue at all. I’m aware that Rigel is a lonely boy, but I feel that some of the description of his loneliness could have been depicted through dialogue. On the other hand, when there were long sections of dialogue, I sometimes found it hard to decipher who was talking at one time. I’m not saying there needs to be a ‘he said’ after every dialogue sentence, but it’s sometimes nice to break up long conversations with it.

I’m definitely left with a few questions at the end of this book, that I hope will be answered in book 2. Who was the woman that helped Rigel out of his cell, giving him the co-ordinates to Rona in the process? What happened to Iselt, and is it possible for her to come back? What weapons are in the Realm, and will Rigel and Rona get them before Frivlok?

If you like Steampunk, mixed with a little Paranormal, this is definitely the book for you. With a fast pace, jam-packed with action, and plenty to keep you thinking, it’s an easy read for a sunny afternoon.

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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