50,000 Words in 50 Days – Update 3

As you can see from the picture on the left, I completed my 50,000 words in 50 days challenge! I’m feeling very proud of myself right now, as this book just did not want to be written.

If you’ve followed my previous blogs about writing the Liliana trilogy, you’ll know that I really struggled to write the second book. It took me 18 months – yes that’s right – 18 long, long months. Because of this, I sort of fell out of love with writing this series, and I had no motivation whatsoever to write the third one. With a challenge like this one, I had no choice but to write it.

Obviously, it’s nowhere near finished. It’s probably the worst draft I’ve ever written, but that’s the whole point of doing a challenge like this. It’s quantity, not quality. You put the quality in during draft 2 and the edits!

I’ve got 300 words of edit notes already, and a few scenes that I need to add in, so I’m hopeful that the third book in this trilogy is going to be the longest; which is quite ironic, because it’s the one that took the least amount of time to write.

I have a book cover in mind, and I’m really looking forward to talking to the cover designer that created the ‘Mourning Memorories’ cover to see if she can create the masterpiece in my head. I’m so excited to have all three books next to each other.

The one thing I’m not looking forward to with this publishing process, is writing the blurb. Why do books need blurbs? They are harder to write than the actual book! Wish me luck with that one…

Anyway, I’ve completed my challenge, and I’m very much looking forward to what comes after this trilogy is out there. If you want to be in with the chance of winning a copy of my first book – a signed copy – check out this giveaway. There are some awesome prizes to be won!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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