50,000 Words in 50 Days – Update 2

50K50Days - Day 38 - Lauren Mayhew AuthorSo, it’s day 39 in the challenge I set for myself to write 50,000 words in 50 days, and so far I’m doing really well. There was a point a few days ago where I had no idea what I was going to write next, and I very nearly gave up. However, I pushed through, and here I am on day 39 with 39,160 words written, and I haven’t even done any writing yet today!

I’ve written the final chapter already, though I know a lot of it is going to change when I start on draft 2. Now all I need to write is the battle scene at the end. I always knew that I wanted the battle to be quite big, Harry Potter big, if you know what I mean? There was always a little doubt in my mind on whether I could actually pull off writing a battle that lasted 10,000 words or more, but I’m confident I can get close to it.

I managed to write a minor fight scene, that takes place once the battle is over, in 1,800 words, and it was only meant to be a small scene! This gives me hope that the rest of the battle can be written with plenty of detail without boring the reader, of course. I hate nothing more than a book that gives extra details to each punch and kick given, with their specific martial arts names too. I have no idea what I’m reading, and it takes away some of the suspense for me. I like to believe my battle scene won’t be like this at all.

The next time I write an update, it’ll probably be the end of the challenge. Here’s hoping I hit 50,000 words, and finish the book!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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