The People of Sparks – Jeanne DuPrau

The People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrauThe People of Sparks – Jeanne DuPrau – 4 Stars

Blurb: When the people of the underground city of Ember follow Lina and Doon to the surface, little prepares them for what they will encounter. Leaving behind the darkness that has been their home for generations, they discover a world of colour, warmth and light. The people of the small village of Sparks seem willing to help them . . . at first . . . but life on the surface has it’s dark side too. 

Before long the villagers of Sparks become more reluctant to share their precious resources with the strange, new underground people. Lina and Doon watch in horror as the differences between the two groups grow into resentment, anger and hate. Somehow they must help overcome the distrust and bring the people of Ember and Sparks together.

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to read this book. It’s not because it was bad, I just struggled to find the time. Hopefully I can read the next one quicker than two months!

The blurb basically describes what happens in the whole book – not a lot really, and yet I couldn’t give it less than 4 stars. Even though it is a bit slow throughout, it was interesting to see how the people of Ember were going to adapt to the new, sunny world that they had wandered into. I also wanted to see how Lina and Doon would develop as characters.

It was great to see the two of them remain close with similar opinions on the events that were happening in Sparks. It’s strange sometimes how younger people can see the bad things in the world more clearly than the older generations. I liked how it was the two younger characters who managed to calm the ‘war’ that was brewing simply because they were brave enough to take action.

One note that I wrote down when reading was this: “I’m not sure about Tick. He could cause trouble.” Well, I wasn’t wrong. I don’t know if it’s that I don’t trust new characters or if it’s because it was made very obvious to me that I figured out that his character was a little rotten. It annoys me when I figure stuff out!

One thing that slightly annoyed me was the fact that Lina never once mentioned Clary, her gardener friend from Ember. She expressed her concern for the people that survived the boat trip out of Ember, but it seemed that she forgot about Clary. It was Doon that mentioned her first, not Lina. I’m not sure why this annoyed me so much.

I’m also not really sure what Poppy’s significance to the story is. She doesn’t really add much to the story and could have easily been cut out. Maybe she’ll play a bigger part in the next book.

One thing that concerns me is that this book didn’t give much indication as to what is going to happen next. This could almost have been the end, so I’m slightly worried that the next two books in the series may be fillers. We shall see!


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