R – Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Ron Weasley

Finally, a character that I actually have something to say about. If I have to explain where Ron Weasley is from, I only have one thing to say to you – “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Seriously, I’m gonna presume that everyone knows who Ron is.

Ron, along with Hagrid, was one of those characters that I would have been devastated had they not made it to the end. He’s just the cutest character and most loyal friend.

When he first meets Harry on the train, he is awestruck to begin with, but I honestly think he’s just happy to have found a friend that’s not going to pick on him like his brothers do. I think he also feels a slight sense of superiority, as he’s not the brightest Hogwarts student, but he knows a lot more about the wizarding world than Harry does. He’s extremely grateful to have found an equal.

I love how Ron will literally stick with Harry through everything. Like most friends, they have arguments and stop talking to each other for a while, but they always make it up. I believe that soul mates aren’t just two people who are supposed to fall in love with each other, and I think that Harry and Ron are friendship soul mates. They compliment each other so well and we all know that Harry would not have made it to the end without both Ron and Hermione.

Ron is a bit of an underachiever, but I can’t help but think that’s because he’s resigned himself to the fact that he can’t be like his brothers. Bill and Charlie both have brilliant jobs and Mr and Mrs Weasley could not be more proud. Percy is head boy and an over achiever who has literall never put a foot wrong. Fred and George are the class clowns who eventually put their destructive talents to use and make a lot of money from it. Ginny is the girl that Mr and Mrs Weasley always wanted. Ron can never beat that.

But that’s where he was going wrong. He should never have tried to be like his brothers, because they would always have been the ones that did it first and what’s the point in trying to be like someone else? I think Ron realised this in the end and just did what he wanted to do. I mean, helping to defeat the darkest wizard of all time isn’t much, is it?

I could babble on about Ron forever, but I won’t. Tomorrow you’ll have a similarly loveable character to read about!


Until the next time,
Lauren x

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