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Olaf - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Olaf

Olaf is the loveable if not slightly stupid snowman from ‘Frozen’. If I’m honest, Olaf and Sven the reindeer were my favourite parts of that film. There was a massive hype when it came out, so I was expecting a lot from it, but I really didn’t think that much of it. For me, it wasn’t as good as ‘Tangled’ or ‘Brave’.

Anyway, Olaf… In some ways he could come across as extremely sarcastic, but I genuinely think that he is just very stupid. He loves summer and longs to see the sun and watch the flowers bloom but he’s a snowman. Clearly that’s not possible for him, but he doesn’t understand. He has a dream and he is determined to see it through – even if it kills him.

He has some great one-liners in the film too. “Oh, look at that! I’ve been impaled!” If you haven’t watched ‘Frozen‘ yet, I would advise it just for the things that Olaf says. I can’t even think of a word to explain him. He’s just great!

Other than how funny he is, he’s also a true friend to Anna. When she’s been locked up and slowly dying, trying to warm up next to the fire, Olaf stays with her. He’s made of snow. And he’s sitting with Anna next to the fire. He’s well aware of the fact that he’s melting, but he still stays with Anna so that she doesn’t have to die alone. There aren’t many characters that would do that.

Creating the above outfit for Olaf was harder than you might think. He’s white… all over. All I can say is I tried my best!!


Until the next time,
Lauren x

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4 thoughts on “O – Olaf

  1. I haven’t watched this movie, but my grandkids all went crazy for it, and I did buy one of ’em an Olaf toy, though I don’t think I knew at the time that was its name. I guess I should watch “Frozen” one of these days so I could then have deep discussions with the grandkids about it. But on second thought, maybe I’ll just wait until they’re old enough to watch “Silence of the Lambs,” and then we can discuss that instead.

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