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Merida - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Merida

Merida is the Scottish Disney Princess from the film ‘Brave‘. She’s not like the other Disney Princesses though, she has absolutely no interest in marrying a Prince or anyone for that matter.

As the film begins, we see that Merida is a free spirit. She loves exploring the world that she lives in and she has no interest whatsoever in her duties as a Princess. So of course, you can imagine her reaction when her father tries to arrange a marriage for her. Note the word ‘tries‘.

Merida is allowed to choose a game that each of her suitors is to compete in for her hand in marriage. Only the eldest child of each of the clan leaders can compete, so Merida sees her chance to defy the rules. She is the oldest child of the chief clan leader, so she chooses archery – something that she is extremely skilled in – and defeats all three of her suitors to claim her own hand in marriage.

This act does technically lead to the beginnings of a clan war, but we’ll skip past that bit… Merida is a strong young woman and a great role model for young girls all over the world. She knew that getting married was only going to make her miserable, so she stood up for her rights and said no. It’s a Disney film, so obviously everything worked out well for everyone in the end!

It’s not just Merida’s opinions on marriage that differ to other Disney Princesses though, she looks different to them all too. She’s not what you would generically call ‘pretty’. She’s not ugly, I’m not saying that, but when you compare her to the other heavily made up Disney Princesses, she’s nothing like them. It’s brilliant! Disney finally created a Princess that is more like an actual human being, not the sort of girls you find in magazines.

I just love everything that Merida stands for and if you haven’t seen ‘Brave‘ yet, you really should go watch it, like now.


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