L – Liliana Frye

Liliana Frye - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Liliana Frye

OK, I’ll put my hands up, Liliana is my own creation and I couldn’t exactly go through this whole challenge without mentioning at least one of my characters could I? (Just pretend she’s not my creation for a few minutes!) Liliana is the protagonist in ‘Reality is in a Dream‘ and the soon to be released Mourning Memories.

Liliana is 16 – sort of – and living in a very boring world. Her parents are stupidly over-protective and she doesn’t have many friends. Her school life is based very much on my experience at school. Her two friends, Melanie and Carey are over-exaggerations of two people I used to call ‘friends’. The only friend that she can truly rely on is the new kid Justin.

She confides in him when she starts having dreams and flashbacks about a family she knows is hers, but doesn’t exist in the world she is living in. Together they try to figure out what is happening to her and why these dreams persist in haunting her. However, Justin isn’t what he seems. There seem to be two of him. One in the boring world and one that co-exists in the world she longs to be in. Although many would be turned away by such revelations, Liliana trusts Justin to help her.

Liliana discovers that she has a separate family to the one that she currently lives with – a family that lived in the 1800’s – and that she has special powers that allow her to disappear into reflective surfaces. At the bottom of all this is a girl who desperately wants to be with the ones that she loves the most – her family.

Liliana doesn’t care for the trivial things in life, she literally wants to be reunited with her loved ones and she would sacrifice everything to get them back. This is why I love her so much. I think a lot of young people nowadays are happy to treat their family like dirt in the aim of being more popular. It’s as if they think that family will always be around, so they can make up for their poor behaviour another day. That’s not always the case. Family should come first, friends come and go, but your family will always be there to support you if you treat them well enough.


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Lauren x

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