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Joshua's Island - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Joshua

Joshua is one of the main characters in the book ‘Joshua’s Island’ written by Patrick Hodges. I wrote a review about this amazng book here.

Joshua is a very strong and mature young boy, who handles his situation in school a lot better than most adults would. In short, he is being bullied and has been completely isolated by the entire school.

The ‘cool’ girl in school, Rhonda, decided one day to single Joshua out and use him as her personal punching bag. Everyone in the school is too scared of Rhonda to make a stand against her and help Joshua, so he removes himself completely from their presence and basically tries to become invisible.

Joshua never tries to fight back. Partly because he knows that it would be pointless – he’s not big enough or strong enough to face his tormentors, but also because he wants to rise above their petty actions. If he fights back he’s just as bad as they are.

All I can say is that I wish I had been as strong as Joshua when I was being bullied in school. I wish I’d been brave enough to remove myself from the bullies’ presence and try and find new friendships that would have prevented me from becoming such an introverted person.

Luckily for Joshua, his story has a happy ending, though it took a lot of pain and suffering to get there. ‘Joshua’s Island’ is a book that I recommend everyone should read and I’m not just saying that because I value Patrick Hodges as a friend!


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2 thoughts on “J – Joshua

  1. Interesting. My K post tomorrow will touch on some of the same themes as your J today. But being “such an introverted person” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Would you have become the same wonderful writer you are today if you weren’t an introvert? Clearly, you have made the best of a bad situation in that regard.

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