G – Gimli son of Gloin

Gimli son of Gloin - Lauren Mayhew A-Z Blog Challenge 2016A-Z Blog Challenge 2016 – Gimli son of Gloin

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is definitely one of my favourite movie franchises. I have read the books too, they’re just a lot harder to take in than the films, as so many names are flung about at one time. I think the films are a masterpiece. I could literally watch them all day every day.

Gimli is one of those characters that plays a small part, but without him the story would be lacking in much needed humour. His character simply doesn’t care what people think of him and that is a trait that I would love to have!

He’s half the size of the warriors that take part in the Fellowship of the Ring and yet he has the fighting skills to match them all. Looking different to others doesn’t mean that you are any different on the inside.

I love his banter with Legolas. They belong to races that generally despise each other. One lives under the trees and stars whilst the other lives in the darkness of the mountains and the two races have a dark history. Their friendship develops into a brotherhood and they both start to realise that not all elves/ dwarves are the same. I think this is a lesson that a lot of people should learn in this day and age.

He can form strong friendships and he isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve or show emotion, whether positive or negative. Gimli is definitely one of my favourite characters in the Fellowship and all of the Lord of the Rings films.

I never knew that there were actual Lego characters of the Lord of the Rings!!! I have the Lego game on the PS3, but I didn’t know they’s created actual merchandise. I know what I’ll be asking for as birthday presents!


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4 thoughts on “G – Gimli son of Gloin

  1. I, too, loved the LOTR movies (The Hobbit, not so much), but can’t say that I enjoyed them more than the books. I’ve read them 6-8 times, and feel the need to read them again. In fact, the reason I liked the movies so much is because they so perfectly captured the mental pictures I had formed from the books. As for Gimli, yes, he is one of my favorites, too. You’ve made a good choice!


    1. I wasn’t too keen on The Hobbit either. It’s only a small book, so I don’t know why they felt the need to expand it into three films. I’ve only read LOTR a few times, but I’m always itching to go back to them. I just need to reduce my tbr pile a bit first!


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