A-Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal

I decided a while back to opt in to the A-Z Blog Challenge for April. At first I decided that I wasn’t going to have a theme and that I would just write a few stories about myself. I very quickly came to realise that I didn’t have enough to say about myself and the thought of X, Y and Z baffled me.

Then I just had to come up with a theme! I went through a few ideas that included picking random words from the dictionary and explaining their definitions, but I soon got bored with that idea.


I then thought about trying to find animals with names that began with each letter of the alphabet, but then I thought that was too predictable. (Sorry to anyone who may have picked this as their theme!)

So, instead I came up with something that reflects me as a person. Reading has always been one of my favourite things to do to pass time and now that I’ve started writing book reviews, I thought it was fitting to have a theme related to all of this.

My theme is – drum roll please – MY FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. This includes characters from books, films and TV series. I’ll not only explain a bit about each character, but I’ll say why I like them so much. I’ve also recently found Polyvore, so I’ll try my best to re-create an outfit for each character, just to give an extra visual! Polyvore is the best!

April is definitely going to be busy! I should probably get started!


Until the next time,
Lauren x

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