Lauren Mayhew NotebooksSo, in case the title didn’t give it away… I FINALLY FINISHED WRITING BOOK 2 – Mourning Memories.

It has taken me 18 months, yes, that’s a year and a half, to finish writing it. It’s been a hard one.

I completely struggled with a re-write at 20,000 words and just couldn’t get back into writing it after that. But on Friday, I made the decision that I was going to spend the whole weekend writing it.

It did take me the whole weekend too. I was locked in my room, hunched over my notebook, determined. I’m so happy and a little bit relieved that it’s finally completed. Now I just need to type it up and edit it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not long enough at the moment, but I already know a few scenes that need to be added in, so the word count should be very similar to ‘Reality is in a Dream’.

As I have changed the cover for my first book, I need to think up a new idea for my second cover and I already have a few ideas about that. Hopefully I can show you all something in the near future.

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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