Emerge: The Edge – Melissa A. Craven

Emerge The Edge by Melissa CravenEmerge: The Edge – Melissa A. Craven  – 4 Stars

Blurb: Alienated by everything that sets him apart, Aidan McBrien suffers in silence.
He is the most powerful Immortal of his generation, but he chooses to live behind a mask to protect himself, even from those he loves. They can never know how much he struggles just to get through each day, overwhelmed by the pain and loss of everyone around him. As Aidan fights a constant battle to control the gifts that threaten to push him over the edge, he dreads the day his world will look to him to fulfill a prophecy he doesn’t believe in.

Allie Carmichael is dying inside and she doesn’t even realize it. Half a world away, she endures the same isolation Aidan experiences, but in complete ignorance of her true nature. As she forges a hesitant friendship for the first time in years, Allie sees a tiny glimmer of the life she wants, and the person she wants to be, but her instincts tell her the timing is all wrong.

Allie and Aidan’s paths are about to converge. With others making decisions for them, will they ever truly understand the immeasurable power they posses, or the prophecy that might not be about Aidan after all?

This is a prequel Novella to the first book in the series, Emerge: The Awakening, which I will be reading next. I wanted to read this first because it is technically the first book in the series. However, I’m starting to think I should have read this one second.

I’ll start from the beginning –  Aidan is such a great male lead. It’s refreshing to have a male protagonist who is not only super hot, but intelligent too! It’s much more attractive to me as a reader to have a male character whose only thoughts aren’t about who he’s going to sleep with next. I get the feeling that I’m going to like Aidan more as the series continues!

Allie is also a very relatable character. I can see a lot of myself in her, though she has a reason why people seem to turn away from her – I don’t.

This is where my problems with the story begin. I’m not entirely sure what Aidan and Allie are. I may have missed something in the story, but it’s like a lot of important things aren’t explained properly. This is why I think I should have read this novella after the first book in the series.

The characters started talking about Complement’s and it is mentioned towards the end of the book too. I have no idea what this means. At first I thought it had something to do with their powers, but later on I think it’s to do with other people. As if a person is a Complement to another person. I’m still not 100% sure.

The Awakening is mentioned too, which I gathered has something to do with their powers kick starting at the age of 16. However, they then talk about being Manifested and I have no idea. I am really interested to find out though! It all sounds terrifying and I want to know more!

Other than the fact that a few things have not been explained fully, I loved this book. At the end an incident between Allie and Quinn was mentioned and now I can’t wait to start The Awakening.

I love these characters and I love the supernatural powers that they possess. The only thing that let this story down, was my confusion about certain aspects of their lives which weren’t explained fully. I’d advise reading this book after the first novel in the series.


Until the next time,
Lauren x

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