Push the Button

Push the Button by the Sugababes - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI’ve decided to do this new thing where I will tell you more about me. I’m rubbish at telling people about myself, so I’m going to use prompts to try and tell you quirky facts about me.

To do this I am going to use song titles, but not just any old song title – the Number 1 single from 10 years ago. Technically, I’d love to do this from 25 years ago, but I don’t know as many of those songs.

Obviously, if a song is at Number 1 for more than one week, I may not write something about myself every week. Unless it’s an amazing title! Some of these stories about me may be very short and others relatively long. It depends what I have to tell you all.

The song that was Number 1 this time 10 years ago was Push the Button by the Sugababes. I cannot believe this is 10 years old!

Push the Button: I have a thing about buttons (not clothing buttons). You know in films when people say, “Whatever you do don’t press that button,” I’d press it. Without a doubt, I’d press it.

If I’m in a shop and we stumble upon kids toys, I will forever be standing there pressing all the buttons. At Christmas, when all of the musical toys are out. I will press them all just to see them dancing and singing.

I just can’t not press buttons. What a weirdo…

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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