Follow Your Self-Publishing Dreams

All my life I have wanted to have a book published but it’s not as easy as people seem to think! Not only do you have to find yourself an agent who is willing to back your book, they then have to find a publisher who wants to sell it!

All of this can take years and I didn’t (still don’t) have the time to do the research and find someone to help me out. I didn’t want my book to just be saved in the computer collecting dust, so to speak, so I decided to self-publish.

This way, I have accomplished my dream of being a published author without having to go through all the stress and rejection that I’m not capable of dealing with at the moment. I did this with Feed A Read.

Not many people have heard of them, but they really are worth looking at. The royalties that you get from each book far exceeds anything that CreateSpace can offer you! Here’s the link to find out more about them:

I’m not saying it’s been easy. The writing process of my second book has been slowed down a lot because all of the advertising and marketing I have been doing for ‘Reality is in a Dream’. But who expects me to write a book a year with a full time job?

Feed A Read is a great website to help all authors self-publish their books.

They have an easy step-by-step guide to help you publish with them and the best bit is that it is FREE! It is such an easy website to use and they do offer services to distribute your book in bookstores for a fee of £88 (first year) and then £9.99 for every year after that.

The distribution package may seem a bit pricey at first glance, but your book will be available to buy as a paperback on,, Book Depository, and so many more! These are the places that people look to buy books, not many people will have heard of Feed A Read!

I’ve had such a good experience with Feed A Read and their customer service representatives are always happy to help, not matter how silly your question may be!

A few things I would say to you if you do decide to publish with Feed A Read is to make sure you are happy with the contents of your book before you hit publish. I rushed through the publishing process with my book (due to excitement) and hit publish when I was not completely satisfied with it. For every new revision of the book, you have to pay to change it. Although you do get one free revision if you politely write to customer services!

I can’t even explain my excitement when I received a copy of my book! It was even better quality than I was expecting and it was only when I held my book in my hands that I really realised I had made my dreams come true!

Reality is in a Dream

If you don’t have the money to pay £88 for author distribution, then you can still publish your book for free and advertise the hell out of it on twitter and facebook! Create a profile on Goodreads and become active in the forums. You’ll get sales and readers eventually – though I’m still waiting for the floodgates to open for mine!!

I hope this has been helpful! If you do have any questions about the publishing process on Feed A Read just comment! I’ll try my best to help you!


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