My Bad Weekend

Bad Weekend - Lauren Mayhew AuthorThis weekend hasn’t gone the way that it was supposed to go. Firstly, I was supposed to be going to Cardiff with my friend Ellie to see our friend Chloe. We haven’t seen her for about a year, so I was really looking forward to going up there. Unfortunately Chloe isn’t very well, so we are having to rearrange. This isn’t what put me in a bad mood, though. Chloe can’t help being unwell!

After a really tiring week at work, due to under staffing, I was grateful for some time to get away and relax before another long week at work before my week off! (I’m going to Cornwall for a few days on the 2nd March! So excited!) I just had to relax at home instead…

I decided to download a sales report of my book sales on Amazon. I thought there might be a glitch in the royalty table, because it said 0, when I knew I had made a sale. I’d love to know how people become successful on Amazon, because I’m having a lot of trouble making sales..

Anyway, the report told me that the person who purchased my book had in fact returned it for a refund. I wasn’t aware of the return policy for eBooks on Amazon, but 7 days is just ridiculous!

I don’t mind that people are allowed to return books especially if they don’t like it, or bought it accidentally, but when they’ve read the whole thing it’s another story.

I know for a fact that this person has read the whole of my book because they wrote a review about it on their blog. It was a good review too. They said that they were looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy! So how has Amazon allowed them to return my book?

I was so angry when I saw what they had done, that I actually burst into tears. I may not get much money from each of my book sales, but I spent a whole year of my life writing and editing this book. If I wanted to give it away for free then I would have done.

I’d also like to point out that I never asked this person to buy my book. They told me that they wanted to. I didn’t know that they were going to write a review either. It makes me wonder how many other people that they have done this to.

The Kindle book store is not meant to be a library. If I wanted you to read my book for free then I would have gifted it to you. The person who did this is probably going to see this blog post, but I needed to get this off of my chest. I could name and shame them, but I want to be the bigger person in this.

This may sound petty to some people, but I’m kind of angry right now. Like I said before, if you don’t like my book and decide that you have to stop reading halfway through, then feel free to return it. Just don’t read the whole thing, give it a good review, then decide to get your money back!

Has this happened to anyone else before? My sales on Amazon are basically non-existent, so I may just take my book off of there.

Rant over. How was your weekend?

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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