Future Project

I bought a Dream Journal a little while ago, because I have some really bizarre dreams. Part of the story line for my book (click here to read Chapter 1) came from a dream and quite a few elements for book 2 are from dreams and nightmares.

Dream Journal

I was thinking that, after I’ve finished writing the Liliana trilogy, I want to write a series of short stories based on my dreams. Would any of you be interested in reading a book like that?

I wouldn’t want to ‘fluff’ the dreams up by making them seem ordinary. I would keep them the way dreams actually are i.e. you’re with your mum, you turn away and when you look back again she has turned into a Lion.

Dream Diary - Lauren Mayhew AuthorI think that dreams are very symbolic of the events that are happening in your waking life, so I’d want to keep them as true to what actually happened as possible. I just don’t know if anyone would find that sort of book interesting.

The dreams in the book would range from going to a swimming pool whilst wearing socks to standing on a hill and watching the world end. (Yes, I’ve dreamed of the apocalypse more than once!)

I’d love to know what you think of this idea!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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