Future Project

I bought a Dream Journal a little while ago, because I have some really bizarre dreams. Part of the story line for my book (click here to read Chapter 1) came from a dream and quite a few elements for book 2 are from dreams and nightmares.

Dream Journal

I was thinking that, after I’ve finished writing the Liliana trilogy, I want to write a series of short stories based on my dreams. Would any of you be interested in reading a book like that?

I wouldn’t want to ‘fluff’ the dreams up by making them seem ordinary. I would keep them the way dreams actually are i.e. you’re with your mum, you turn away and when you look back again she has turned into a Lion.

I think that dreams are very symbolic of the events that are happening in your waking life, so I’d want to keep them as true to what actually happened as possible. I just don’t know if anyone would find that sort of book interesting.

The dreams in the book would range from going to a swimming pool whilst wearing socks to standing on a hill and watching the world end. (Yes, I’ve dreamed of the apocalypse more than once!)

I’d love to know what you think of this idea!


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