Reality is in a Dream

Lauren Mayhew Author NotebookI realised last night that I needed to change the blurb/ description of my book ‘Reality is in a Dream.’ I threw something together and it’s 10 times better than the first one. I then realised that I have never really told any of you what my book is about. So I’m gonna post the description of my book here.

Most dreams are a reflection of recent events in your waking life. Not for Liliana.

Hers begin to reveal a forgotten life – memories that fill her with joy and fear.

When a pair of eyes begins to watch her from the sky, she cannot shake away the feeling of dread that washes over her.

The only person that she can trust to help her is her best friend Justin. Together they begin to decipher Liliana’s dreams to uncover the truth, but it becomes clear that they are dealing with events far beyond their imagination.

The more the two of them uncover, the harder it becomes for Liliana to distinguish between two realities. She desperately needs to find answers before time runs out.

I’ve just updated my Amazon description to this, so hopefully it’ll grab a few more eyes! You can always read the first Chapter of ‘Reality is in a Dream’ here.

You can fine Reality is in a Dream here.

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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