To some people this would be depressing, but to me I am very excited. My book has been on Amazon as a Kindle version for about 6 weeks now and I made my first sale on the 5th January! (I am aware that it was probably a friend or family member, but I’m still excited!)

Only one sale in 6 weeks, but to me that is a massive milestone! I don’t get to find out how may copies of the paperback that I have sold until the end of March/ beginning April. My goal is 50 copies. Keeping it realistic!

Reality is in a Dream

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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7 thoughts on “EXCITED!

  1. um, I’m a little bit confused. On amazon.de (german) your book isn’t listed and on amazon.com not available. And when I’m trying to buy it on amazon.co.uk they tell me it’s not possible. Stupid amazon. -.- I’m so sorry, I really wanted to read your book, I’ll ask my local bookstore if I can order it ..


    1. I’m really sorry! I presumed that if it was listed on the UK that anyone from any country would be able to buy it. You were right! Stupid Amazon… It won’t be in your local bookstore because I have self published it. I have now put it on amazon.de and it should be available to buy within an hour or two. Thank you for letting me know this and for wanting to buy my book!

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