Writer’s Block No More (hopefully!)

Book one – Reality is in a Dream – was published in November and since then I have been focusing on writing Book 2 in the trilogy. It hasn’t been going well. Not well at all…

You can get Book One here OR read the First Chapter

Book 2

I’ve written 20,000 words, as you can see by my expertly placed picture on the right. But the more I thought about what I had written, the more I began to dislike it.

I then decided to change the majority of the plot line. This was easy enough to do in my head and write notes about, but actually writing it has been a nightmare!

It was only last night that I realised why I have been having so much trouble with it.

I have been trying to re-write it directly on to Microsoft Word instead of hand writing it in a notebook first. I have always had trouble with typing directly onto a computer, but I thought that, seeing as the story has already been typed up, it would be easy for me to insert my new ideas. How wrong could I have been?

Instead, I have been searching the internet for pointless things and doing everything but writing.

Now that I know where I’ve been going wrong, I can start writing successfully again. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Until the next time,
Lauren x

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